Over 300 people attended Klaasmeyer Construction Company’s 40th anniversary celebration on Oct. 6. The Conway-based company was incorporated in 1972 by Gene Klaasmeyer, president and founder. Klaasmeyer crews have tackled everything from traditional telephone, water, electric and gas utility projects to installations of the latest direct-to-the-home fiber optic cable networks. Privately owned and operated, the company has grown from five people in 1972 to 165 employees today. The company has worked for 41 companies in 10 states.

"Be sure to be here for the 50th anniversary," the 72-year-old Klaasmeyer joked in his opening remarks. Klaasmeyer, a Professional Engineer with a B.S.in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska and past president of the Power and Communication Contractor’s Association, got his start in the business at age 12, operating a bulldozer for his father’s road grading company.

To thank employees for their hard work and commitment to Klaasmeyer Construction, corporate advisor Joan Klaasmeyer produced and directed a commemorative video filled with interviews, anecdotes and remembrances. After the video screening, recognition awards were presented to 50 employees with more than five years of service. The longest-serving employees were Job Superintendent Larry Miller with 39 years and Safety Director Gary Fielder and Job Superintendent Thomas Krumback, both with 31 years. Recent retirees Stan Joyner (38 years) and Gene Byrd (33 years) were presented with hand-carved, Ozark-made canes.