LITTLE ROCK — An Arkansas man accused of strapping a fake bomb to a woman’s leg and then trying to force her to withdraw money from a bank is scheduled to go on trial next year, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Paul Bradley was previously slated to go on trial this week in Fayetteville, but prosecutor John Threet said that date has been pushed back until Feb. 5.

Bradley’s lawyer, Scott Parks, wrote in a court document filed in Washington County Circuit Court that Bradley had a stroke in August. Parks wrote that the rehabilitative services center where Bradley has been receiving care has determined that he needs at least another month of treatment.

Bradley also is expected to undergo another mental evaluation after he finishes his rehabilitative care to see whether the stroke affected his competency to proceed with the case.

That evaluation and report could take six to eight weeks to complete, Parks wrote in a court document filed Friday. Parks said he also would like another month to figure out how to use such an evaluation at trial.

Bradley pleaded not guilty to robbery, kidnapping and firearms charges at the state level. He pleaded guilty to a federal firearms charge in late July — less than a month before he suffered the stroke on Aug. 23.

Bradley was arrested in January after authorities said he tried to extort money from Betty Davis and her husband, Herbert.

Investigators said Bradley showed up at the couple’s home near Fayetteville and faked an injury to get inside. He held Betty Davis captive as he duct-taped her husband, Herbert, to a chair and then strapped what he claimed was a bomb to her ankle, authorities said. The device turned out to be fake, but Davis didn’t know that at the time.

Davis said Bradley pushed her out the door and told her to drive to the bank. Bradley, meanwhile, took a gun from the couple’s home, hopped in their pickup truck and followed her, authorities said.

Davis told employees about the device on her ankle when she got inside the bank. Then she ran outside because she didn’t want anyone to get hurt if the bomb blew up.

Authorities evacuated the building and found Herbert Davis taped to a bar stool but unharmed at the couple’s home.