A group of friends assembled in the home of Mrs. J.A. Mode Friday evening for a social hour, as a surprise to Mrs. Mode. The evening was spent in conversation and singing old songs.

The new Stout Washeteria in Greenbrier will give its proceeds tomorrow to the Greenbrier Parent-Teacher Association. Doyle Crownover, superintendent, said today.

The new business is located in a building which formerly housed the Greenbrier Cafe.

There’s gold in them thar hills — silver and other precious metals, too — and J.B. Kitchens is looking for it. Kitchens is a member of the Conway Historical and Recovery Team, a group of folks who use metal detectors to find the coins, jewelry and trinkets that owners have left behind. "Weekender" editor Tyler Treadway found out that for many of these modern-day treasure hunters, the hunt is more important than the treasure.

The price was right for Dan King, precisely right for the Conway man who won a new automobile on the TV show, "The Price is Right."

King, a 35-year-old employee of Southwest Airlines, is still riding on Cloud 9 after winging home from Los Angeles with the ownership papers for a $19,467 Pontiac Vibe in his jeans.

He will be seen in all his glory when the Nov. 7 edition of "The Price is Right" is shown on KTHV Channel 11 in Little Rock.