New Beginning Church

"The Anointing" was our message Sunday night from Pastor Bob. Isaiah 10:27, And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off they shoulder, and his yoke from off they neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing. We serve a big God and no other can do what our God can do. If you don’t know what He can do try serving Him and see what happens.

Many to pray for and they are Doyle Patrick who is still in the hospital, the family of Lavina Lewis, who past away this past week, Kay Mason who has cancer, also Dee Badger, who also has cancer, and many more family members and friends.

We want to wish Troy Wright, Charlene Patrick and Marie Barnes a very happy and blessed birthday and to my husband and my pastor (Bob Robinson) a happy anniversary.

To rise early in the morning, while all is quiet and still gives me time to meditate, time to seek His will. Time to read my bible, time to plan my day, time to let God cleanse my heart and throw the trash away; time for asking blessings, time to offer praise, time to ask forgiveness for other wasted days. The yoke is then much lighter, I’m more refreshed and strong, ready to do the task at hand, knowing I’m not alone.

Holland Baptist Church

We continue to give thanks for our night of singing, praising, fellowshipping, and eating in celebration of Thanksgiving. A large number gathered for this special evening.

Sunday morning David Garrett lead us in worship through song and ended with his special solo, "This Little Child." He did a beautiful job as always. He blesses us with his gift of song. Brother John Evans Jr. preached from John 3:16. His word by word exposition brought this familiar verse alive with a greater personal application for each of us.

Sunday evening he preached from Song of Solomon 8:14 on the relationship between the church and Christ. He asked if we really love the Lord enough to long for His return. He’s preparing our heavenly home. Each day we should long to go be with Him. In the Song of Solomon the bride waited joyfully faithfully for her bridegroom. Churches are plagued with unfaithfulness. The bride had a deep longing to be with the Bridegroom. Why aren’t we eager? Is it because our lifestyle will have to change? He requires something of us we don’t want to give up. He requires our attention to be focused on Him.

We’re more in love with the life we have here than the life awaiting us. Our ultimate sanctification will be in glory. When we love the world more than Him we’re not eager to be with Him.

The bride called Him "my beloved." Are we truly in love with Jesus? She found no joy, comfort, or happiness except in Him. No place felt like home except the home made with Him.

The attitude of the church should be one of anticipation, eagerly faithfully in love with Him waiting for His return.

The women of the church have put together an Angel Tree for our children who attend on Wednesday nights. Those who feel lead will take an ornament and purchase the item listed thereon. Questions should be directed to Megan Damron. The gifts will be given during the service December 19th. The children will be presenting Christmas music and finger foods will be served.

Ladies are looking forward to the annual progressive luncheon and ornament exchange Dec. 16 after morning services. Kelli Martin should be contacted if you wish help.

Lottie Moon missions offering will be collected throughout the month of December to support Southern Baptist missionaries as they share the gospel in foreign countries.

Tomorrow a basket will be placed in the foyer for Christmas card exchange between church members.

May we keep our eyes on Jesus our Savior during this highly commercialized season.