We trust everyone enjoyed a good, safe Thanksgiving. There were several family get-togethers around here. A good time to help us remember to count our blessings.

We had our big feast at noon last Sunday after church. Our grandchildren have family on spouses side, that are shared with on holidays, and it works great. It doesn’t have to be a designated day for us to get together, just some time when we can all be together. Eleven of our great-grandchildren loved playing together. They love playing outside when the weather is nice. Praise God for children!

There’s still a lot of sickness in our community. Shelley Ponder and Paige Ponder (our greats) have been real sick and had to miss school.

Elizabeth Johnson fell in the house, in the early morning hours, Thanksgiving Day, and broke her right arm in two places, and had some damage to her rotary cuff. She was in surgery four hours. They put in 21 screws and 36 clamps to close. We pray for you Elizabeth.

Bobi Hendrickson had her family home for Thanksgiving. Her daughter, Sandy, and Jim Stephens, and granddaughter, Riley and husband Nick Tourone, of Russellville.

Earnestine Newberry had a visit from her nephew, Tommy and wife, Mary Ann, and Stephanie McElroy of Camden, on Thanksgiving Day.

Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy attended the Veteran’s Day Celebration at Wooster Elementary School recently. Robert really appreciated the honor bestowed upon the veterans. I think our veterans should be honored more. We can’t thank them enough for their service to our country. God Bless America again!

My husband, Ray, visited our friends, Dan and Maxine Strain in Rose Bud one day last week, I wasn’t able to go. He also went to the visitation of Eugene Carter last Sunday afternoon. We extend sympathy to this dear family. He will be greatly missed.

The more we study and meditate on scripture, the more fully we will know God.


Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! We went to Carolyn and Mark’s in Bryant. We had a great mean and spent time with family. Sandy was home all weekend. Thursday night we went shopping and man does Sandy like to shop! She said people were crazy.

Friday Sandy put up mom’s tree and mine and we lounged around all day. Saturday was my birthday! My family surprised me with a birthday party at Thom’s Building in Guy. It was a surprise and a real party. Thanks to all that came. Turning 60 wasn’t as bad as I thought; hmmm we will see. 

Hope everyone has had a good week. The weather is so unpredictable and I like warm weather. 

Have a great week and send me news. Happy Birthday Doris! She celebrated her birthday on the 30th! 

Pray for the following for the loss of their loved ones, Sue Clay, Freddie Mercer Family and for anyone that has been sick in the community.

Congratulations to Marcelle Fielder! They are going to name the Guy Perkins Cafeteria after her. She is a very active young lady and works hard. Hope I can be that active when I am in my 80’s. Have a great year!


The Centerville community is celebrating this week the 100th birthday of one of its own. Mrs. Stella Blythe Halsey was born here Nov. 30, 1912. This centenarian school teacher, a daughter of M.T. and Hester Glover Blythe, is a descendant of pioneer families in north central Faulkner County. She attended Centerville Methodist Church, and she attended a forerunner of this church before it was formed in 1916.

Her husband was the late E. M. Halsey, and she is the mother of Eddie Carolyn and Larry. She had seven siblings all of whom are deceased. For the last few years, she has been a resident of Greenbrier Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Remarkable is a word used to describe many facets of Mrs. Halsey’s life, and no list we could compile would do justice to those facets. That she joins a tiny fraction of people who live so long is awesome. When she was born, the population of the United States was less than 100 million, and she has seen it more than triple. Average life expectancy when she was born was approximately 50 years, and she has seen that increase by 60 percent. The National Debt in those days was less than $3 billion, and she has seen that increase close to 7,000 times. She was born two or three score years before antibiotics, there was no Federal Reserve, no FDIC, virtually no income tax, and William Howard Taft was president.

"Miss Stella," as she is known by many, could remember her grandmother, Rebecca, who was born in 1842 in Alabama. Rebecca’s first husband died during the Civil War (thought killed in the Battle of Shiloh), and she then (in 1865) married Miss Stella’s grandfather, G. W. Blythe - a Confederate soldier who also served in the Union Army after his unit was captured.

Miss Stella’s husband, parents, grandparents, and great grandparents (along with hundreds of other relatives) are buried in McNew Cemetery, which was founded by her great grandfather in 1858.

I would like to send a special thanks to Dr. Ben McNew for putting this information together in honor of Miss Stella. His knowledge is always appreciated. If you have news for the Centerville Community, please email me at jennfreeman@windstream.net.