Doyle and Grace Jolly were recently honored for having one of the oldest active farms in Arkansas. The Jolly Farm has been in the family for 157 years and is still going. Doyle and Grace Jolly attended a reception honoring farm families that have been in operation for over one hundred years.

The ladies of the Centerville community met for a Christmas party at the home of Doug and Michelle Ray Friday night. Ladies brought items to be donated to the nursing home and participated in an ornament exchange. Add some holiday food and games, great fellowship, and quite a bit of laughter and you have the ingredients to a great evening. I have said it before and I will say it again, Centerville has some fantastic people in the community and Centerville United Methodist Church has to be the sweetest church in the world.

Georgia Green and Odessa Taylor visited Centerville United Methodist Church last Sunday. These sisters, daughters of Minnie Johnson Taylor and Gus Taylor, used to live in the Centerville community and are related to several members of the congregation including Ben McNew.

Monday was Dylan Freeman’s 14th Birthday. I can’t believe he has grown so quickly when it seems he was just a tot the other day. The only other big celebration in the community that I know of recently is the bon fire at Logan Laymon’s to celebrate Carlie Porterfield’s graduation from UCA last Saturday. Carlie is the daughter of Larry Porterfield in McGintytown and Carrie Spear in Wooster. I have known Carlie since she was in preschool and she is one of my favorite people ever. Congratulations Carlie!


The Faulkner County Singing Club will meet the second Sunday in January at LifeSong Baptist Church in Greenbrier. The lord has been praised with the good singing we’ve been having. The public is invited. Bro. Freddie Mark Wilcox is pastor.

It seems Christmas time seems to bring out goodness and compassion in a lot of people. One example we have, "The Late" Bach McGinty has a nephew and wife who fit this description perfectly. For years each Christmas, Terry and Martha Cardin of Greers Ferry have brought a large basket of Goodies to the McGinty-Earnhart household. This is a wonderful thought and we never know how much it means and is appreciated.

Marian McGinty and Sunny Earnhart returned to their doctor this week and reported Sunny is over the pneumonia now, but Marian still has it and is contagious.

Rosa Lee and Robert McElroy visited friends at Antioch last Sunday. John and Martha White enjoyed their visit.

The second 9 weeks awards were given at Greenbrier Eastside Elementary School this week and I am delighted to report our two great-granddaughters won awards: Shelley Ponder - Social Studies; and her little sister, Paige Ponder for Friendship.

We are very proud of them. They have been sick a lot this fall.

The tragedy at the school in Connecticut has everyone here shook up. When will all this shooting end? Might not until the Lord comes back. All we can do is pray. May God watch over us.

We wish for everyone a blessed Christmas and may something good happen next, for a change.

Let’s ask ourselves this. What does my life say about what I value?


I hope that as you are reading this that you have all your Christmas shopping, baking done and all the hustle and bustle will slow down for you. As I am just getting started. This year I have been later than usually. Oh well hope that everyone understands that money is tight and that the real reason for Christmas is to celebrate Jesus birth. Tis the reason for the season. Hope each of you have a very, very Merry Christmas with your loved ones and cherish those memories that you will be making this year.

Landon Dowdy celebrated his Transformer birthday at the bowling alley with friends and family. Thank you to each of you that came. He sure loves his family and friends and he will tell you that too. Gosh it doesn’t seem like he is 5 years old and will start kindergarten next year. Oh my! I will get to go and enjoy grandparents day with him.

I hope that everyone is well. I have been sick this past week with the crud they said. It wasn’t the flu  but oh my was I ever sick. Still not feeling the best but trying to make it. I missed two days of work. Went to the doctor got a shot and some antibiotics. It really knocked me down. Don’t wish that on anyone. I tried to stay away from Mom so she wouldn’t get sick. 

Please keep the following in your prayers, Wilma Stevenson, Betty Griffith, Frankee D Battles, The Battles family from the peach orchard, Brandon Clendenin, Betty Griffith, Montene Tarkington, and Aimee Glover and  anyone else that has been sick or lost a loved the one in the community.

My Mom said she missed hearing from her CHDC Friends! They didn’t call.

We always take for granted the simple things. Don’t forget our elderly that are shut in just a phone call, a due drop in visit for a few minutes can put a smile on their face and a memory in your heart and theirs that you made them smile that day. 

I missed the Christmas Ball with Profiles this past weekend cause I was sick! I heard it was beautiful and all the guys and gals looked their best and everything went beautifully.

School will be out so watch out for those kiddo’s out playing and looking for Santa! Hope each of you have a very Merry Christmas and that you have been good so that you won’t get a bag of coal or switches in your stocking this year. 

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet friend, Charlotte Mode sorry dear have to tell everyone you turned the big 60 on the 25th just like the rest of us did this year! I hope you have a very, very good birthday! And yes, I know you quit having birthdays years ago! I love you girl! And Many more birthdays to come to you!   

Send news of your holiday visitors and places you have been to or call 679-3299 and leave a message. MERRY CHRISTMAS!