The thousands of names listed in the Community Christmas Card, included in this edition of the Log Cabin Democrat, are of those who have given to Faulkner County students in need this year.

A late total of $19,237.75 was calculated at the close of the fundraiser Wednesday.

That amount will be divided among area school counselors, who will use the funds to meet the needs of any student or student’s family, without restrictions.

In a last-minute effort to provide the emergency funds, the fundraiser headed by the Log Cabin Democrat has been extended.

An updated Community Christmas Card with additional names and donations is scheduled to print on New Years Day.

Names and donations will be taken at the Log Cabin Democrat office at 1111 Main St., Suite 102 in Federal Plaza in Conway until 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Donations of $1 or more may be made in the donor’s name or in honor of a loved one.

Every dollar donated will go directly to students who are in need.

Needs are as varied as the students who benefit, and can be a new pair of glasses, winter coat or a medical appointment.

There is no limit, until the funds are depleted, to what local educators can do with the Community Christmas Card fund.

"The community’s commitment to taking care of its children, made real in these donations, is fantastic," said Log Cabin Publisher Alan English. "We start 2013 inspired by all of the giving and caring. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

The Community Christmas Card is located on page 7A.