2013 is rapidly approaching, and we only have a very few days left in 2012.

This is the perfect time to assets 2012. This is the time to decide and make a proclamation that 2013 will be a very happy year for me.

I’ll do my best to make others around me happy, and make sure that I’m not the reason for anybody else’s unhappiness.

Life is short and we might as well enjoy it. I know that life can throw us a curve ball sometimes, and sometimes we get hit really hard, maybe even knocked unconscious for a while. But God helps us with these words: "Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ," 2 Corinthians 2:14 (KJV). So we find that we always win as long as we trust in the Lord Jesus.

Take notice he didn’t say things were not going to happen that could steal our happiness, but rather, when and if it does, as long as we know that we win in Christ — as long as we know it — we can lift our head and hands in victory.

In 2013 we will not speak words of defeat, hold our heads down in defeat, look defeated, walk in defeat, or hang around with those who live a defeated life.

We will hold our heads up, and say exactly what God has said about us. We will speak words of life over ourselves and those whom we come in contact with — whether it be family, friend or enemy. We will help others — to the best of our abilities. We will encourage and not discourage. We will build and lift up and not pull down and destroy. We will be strong in the Lord and allow others to lean on us.

Most of all, we will love and forgive others, in the way Christ continuously loves and forgives us daily.

I pray that 2013 will be a very Happy New Year for all.