The last concentration of Entergy customers in Faulkner County that remained without electricity Friday was in Mount Vernon, according to Entergy.

The record snowstorm that hit Christmas Day resulted in power outages throughout the state.

Entergy reported about 112,000 costumers in neighboring Pulaski County were still without electricity three days after Christmas.

Another weather line expected to carry the chance of a mix of wintry precipitation is predicted to move in over the weekend and Monday.

An Entergy spokesman said 37 customers in the area of Mount Vernon were left without power as of Friday afternoon, but they were expected to be restored before Saturday.

"We’ve just restored several in that area, and we have for all but about 37 customers. Those are projected to be restored tonight," said Jim Garland.

The Free family, residents of Hawthicket Road off of State Highway 36 in Mount Vernon, was playing games at home Christmas night at 8 p.m. when the lights went out.

Dana Free, her husband Tony, and their daughter Alison have braved freezing temperatures at home by keeping a fire going in their den.

Free said she and her husband did not want to leave their remote home unattended for fear it would be burglarized.

"We have blankets up to separate our kitchen, living room and bedrooms from the den. When we woke up this morning, it felt like 20 degrees on the other side," Free said. "We’re camping out in our den, but the fire place doesn’t have a blower because that runs off of electricity."

Free said the family has cold running water.

"If you want hot water you have to boil it over the fireplace. I made oatmeal over the fireplace yesterday morning," she said.

The first night was almost fun, Free said, but on Friday afternoon the family was out of dry wood for burning.

"It’s not a happy day. There’s a power pole down between ours and our neighbor’s house. The lines are across the road. (Entergy) estimated it a couple of days ago and said it was a two-man job," she said.

Neighbors in a four-mile block are also without power, according to Free, though most were not sticking it out at home.

Free’s in-laws are neighbors, and the Free family purchased a generator for the elderly couple’s home because they do not have a fireplace, she said.

"We got them a generator because they are in their 70s, and we wanted them to have heat."

The Frees were visiting the couple Friday to eat what was left of their Christmas meal.

To pass time, Free said they’ve been playing games. Her daughter has been singing to herself, she said.

"Our 16-year-old’s singing to herself at night. She has been a trooper through it all," Free said.

Free said her family has been running down cell phone batteries and recharging them in their vehicles.

"There’s not much to do to make the time go by. We try to charge the phones in the car, and then we play games and Facebook until they go dead and we charge them again. That’s about it."

Garland said there are more customers without power scattered across the county who would not have power restored until Saturday.

Road foreman Glen Willhite said Faulkner County roads were easily traversed Friday, though refreezing overnight would make travel dangerous again.

"If it gets up in the 40s tomorrow, I believe we’ll be cleared out," Willhite said.

Conway Mayor Tab Townsell said Friday there were very few Conway Corp. customers within city limits who were without power Friday.