Shady Grove


Shady Grove lost a wonderful life-long resident this past week. Mrs. Odessa Davis went to be with her Lord on Sunday. Her burial services were held Wednesday with burial in Bethlehem Cemetery. Please remember her family in your prayers. She leaves Dianne Kellar (Johnny) and family and Linda Irby (Johnny) and family.

Also remember two special ladies, Carol Frye and Laura King, and their families when you pray. Both of these dear ladies are very ill and are on Hospice care.

Since I have not received any news from the community, you might enjoy the following escapade involving Ed and Linda Hammontree recently:

Ed and I took a friend (I will call her Sandra) to UAMS for a colonoscopy this past Tuesday. The only info Sandra had was to go to parking deck 1 and go to admissions. Now UAMS is a very big place and not for the faint of heart when it comes to walking. Sandra and I left Ed on parking deck P3 and we headed inside not having the faintest idea where we were going. We stopped, asked for info and walked quite a distance where Sandra was to check in. This took longer than the sinking of the Titanic. Sandra was asked for everything but the kitchen sink, and I bet if she returned tomorrow, she would have to go through all of that itinerary again. Once she was properly identified and tagged, we were on our way to the GI Lab. Upon checking into the lab, the desk lady told Sandra that they had called her house the day before to verify the appointment date and time, and Sandra was at work. So husband took the call, but Big Brother would not give that information to her spouse of 30+ years. When Sandra got home from work, she called the lab, but they had closed shop for the day. Therefore, Sandra’s appointment had been cancelled. Sandra, of course, did not know this. Since she was already there and there had been a cancellation, they told her to stay.

I was going to leave so that Ed and I could run some errands, but Bertha-in-charge had other ideas. She told me to look at the sign on the wall. The sign read: "Drivers must remain in the waiting room during the entire procedure." What? So I tell Bertha-in-charge that I needed to go to the car to let my husband know (Ed had left his cell phone at home, and so had Sandra which really turned out to be a huge problem.) Bertha did not ask for my phone number. This info will be important later on in this article. I hiked back to the car, and told Ed to go on to Sam’s Club. As I turned to walk away, I heard a clicking sound. A dead battery. Now we had to go get a security guard to give us a charge. After we got the car started, we decided to go to Sam’s and get a battery and have it installed. Now Ed is ATM challenged, so I have to go along with him to pay for the battery. We got lost trying to get out of the parking deck. They did not do a very good job with their exit signs. .

We got back to the parking lot (going in was easier than going out). I left Ed and trudged back up to the lab. There was Sandra sitting sweetly and I said, "Oh, you are finished already?" Not to be. Sandra did not have her cell phone with her, and she did not have my phone number either. They refused to do her procedure without talking to me. Remember, I was at Sam’s buying a battery. I reminded Bertha-in-charge that she had not asked for my phone number, and she told me to read the signs on the wall. I didn’t talk back cause she was lots bigger than I am. Sandra was going to leave as we had already been there over 3 hours, but I insisted that she stay and get the test done. We were already there and she was prepped. Two and a half hours later, we were preparing to leave when what to my wondering eyes did appear Ed. Somehow he had found us. He still isn’t sure how. Now we had to go get the car so we could pick Sandra up. Bear in mind, we are parked on the opposite side from where the lab is located. We hitched a ride on one of the hospital carts, and wouldn’t you know she took us to the other end of the hospital. We got off and looked around and decided we were not in the right place, so we started walking, and we wound up walking farther than we would have had we not hitched a ride. Then we got lost trying to find the exit of the parking lot. We actually did find Sandra in the discharge area. I say this to all of my friends: You go to UAMS, take a survival kit. You may need it. And if you go to the GI Lab, read the signs!



Please come to the Area 17 Special Olympics Polar Plunge next Saturday, Jan. 26, at Woolly Hollow State Park in Greenbrier. Registration is at 11:30 a.m. Dessert Auction at 12:15 p.m. Awards Recognition at 12:45 p.m. Plunge at 1 p.m. We need desserts; call 450-0395 to have them picked up.

Congratulations to the new officers of the Guy Small town 4-H  Club. We have some great kids that are doing a fantastic job in this club.

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