GREENBRIER — A little bit of glue, popsicle sticks, cloth for sails, and paint ... all that is necessary for an assignment in Matt Page’s eighth grade Social Studies classes at Greenbrier Junior High School. Over one hundred 13-year-old students worked for two weeks for their project on The Age of Exploration Unit.

Working in teams of three, their task was to create a replica of a ship from the late 1400’s to early 1500’s. One student was the mapmaker, one the ship builder, and the third was the navigator. The ships had to be created out of mainly popsicle sticks and had to look like the original ships.

On presentation day, the variety of ships, from scows to sails — and painted in all colors from green to blue and even a pink one — was a sight to behold. This was a joyful task for most of these students which not only gave them insight to history, but included good team-work too. Most of these works of art have found a home on exhibition in the school library for everyone to enjoy.