January is almost over and spring will be here before you know it. Last weekend was as nice as a spring day and I even had the joy of washing my car and cleaning it up at home instead of driving through a carwash. I know it sounds absurd to be excited about the opportunity to clean my car but it was so dirty and embarrassed me a great deal. The fact that I was able to spend my afternoon soaking up some sunshine might have also influenced my decision to stay outside.

I should probably wait to announce anything for fear that there will be changes, but the church is going to try to organize the Centerville School Reunion that is typically held the last Saturday in June. Woolly Hollow has been the location to hold the Reunion for several years and a catered meal was always included. We have a great outdoor area at Centerville United Methodist Church, as well as air conditioning and the conveniences we have grown accustomed to on the same campus the former graduates attended school, so the plan is to host it on the church yard this summer. The ladies of the congregation are planning to provide the meal, which will include sandwiches and desserts that can be eaten leisurely while attendees visit. More announcements and final plans will be passed along as they are made but I can assure you there will be much food and fellowship to enjoy so you want to mark your calendar for the date.

On a final note, the ladies will start a new Bible Study the first Monday night in February at 6 p.m. We will be studying another Beth Moore series and never tire of her outgoing personality and great knowledge of the Bible. Please email me at for more information.



Great for Beginners and those interested in starting a livestock project! 4-H Livestock Project 101, will be held 5:45-8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 29, Faulkner County Natural Resource Center, 110 S. Amity Rd., Conway. Species covered — Beef/Dairy cattle, Market Goat/Lamb, Hogs, Poultry and Rabbit.

Today we will be Freezin For a Reason with Special Olympics at Woolly Hollow State Park! Come out and Join the fun. Registration at 11:30 a.m.; 12:15 Dessert auction; 12:45 presentation of awards and recognition of participants; 1 the plunge. All proceeds go to Special Olympics. Come buy a delicious dessert and cheer the plungers on! Any questions call 450-0395.

Last weekend was a great weekend with Sandy and Landon Dowdy and Dawson Watkins. Sandy was home all weekend and Landon and Dawson spent Saturday night and went to Sunday School together. Those two are a mess that is for sure.  

Saturday, Sandy and I went to the Coppers Springs Breakfast which was absolutely great! Thank you for the breakfast. For lunch we went to Sands Spring in Gravesville to the Youth Spaghetti Dinner Fund raiser for Youth Camp. We also visited with Tina and Richie Rimmer. Took the dogs to the Beauty Shop. Picked them up and also picked Landon up to come and stay the night.

Landon was so glad to see his mom on Monday evening. She had spent the weekend with her mom and brothers in Denver. He sure loves his Mom and Dad and his Nana and he will flat tell you he loves all his family.

Well, to whoever swiped the gas out of my sister’s truck, while it was in Mom’s Yard, we just want you to know we’re watching you and you better not try it again. Get out and get your own job. We did report it to the police. It is a shame that you can’t even be safe in your own home and yard anymore.

Have a great week! I just want to say Happy 60th Birthday to Pam Lane who celebrated on the 13th! Danny Thorn will be having a birthday too this next week,  along with Gary Griffith my brother who will have a birthday on the 31st. Hope each of you have many more birthdays to come. If you have someone special in your family that you would like to say happy birthday to, just let me know.

Send news to or call 679-3299. If you are shocked when you call my house when a man speaks Spanish to you, you’ve got the right number. I can’t get my machine to go to English for some reason.



I have been quite busy the last two weeks. On Jan. 7, I had a hip replaced at Conway Regional Health System. Since the hospital stay and stay at Conway Regional Rehabilitation Hospital, I am now at Greenbrier Nursing and Rehabilitation. I left some good, new friends at Conway Rehab and renewed some old and new friendships here. God has been so good to me and my family. I know there have been many prayers "sent up" for us, and we appreciate every one, and everything. May God bless each and everyone of you. Praise His Holy name, and I hope it won’t be long before I can return home.

We wish to express sympathy to the family of Mary Odessa Davis. Our families were close. Hold on Dianne and Linda. We also wish to express sympathy to the family of Ms. Kaye Swaffner. She was a sweet lady. Last week we lost a family member by death in Florida. One of Ray and Betty’s first cousins, Kathern (James) Cochran’s husband Jim passed away. He will be missed.

Our Pastor, Donna Alberts and husband Dave, visited me recently at rehab. Sunny Earnhart spent two nights at the hospital. Her sister, Marian McGinty, stayed with her.

Please pray for all of our sick people. We have a lot whose names aren’t mentioned.

I don’t have much news this week, but maybe I’ll have some next week. Neighbors, you know where to find me. Try to have a good week, and trust in the Lord.