Some quick basketball observations and one boxing clarification:

NO. 1?: It’s shaping up to be one heck of a March Madness journey. Six No. 1 teams in six weeks. Nobody great. Everybody vulnerable. There’s a fine line of difference among the good teams and those pretty good.

Currently, I’m not sure there are four better teams than Gonzaga, Miami, Memphis and Michigan State. And all are flying a bit under the radar.

NO NOEL, NO GOOD NEWS: A marginal Tennessee team thumps Kentucky, 88-58, on Saturday, worst loss of the John Calipari era for the Wildcats. The effects of Nerlens Noel missing from the Kentucky lineup are evident.

MJ AND 50: Michael Jordan is having one of the most-publicized 50th birthdays of all time. Wonder if it’s because it’s making many of us feel old.

TO CLEAN UP THE RECORD: Ray Rodgers, the boxing icon who spoke at the Arkansas Sports Club, played football for the late Raymond Bright at Conway but not at the University of Central Arkansas. "If I'd played with those big ole boys at UCA, they'd of killed me," he said. And he says he did not teach former Sen. Stanley Russ how to box. Russ was a boxer at Arkansas Tech during his collegiate days.

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