Moving day can be a very exciting day; it can also bring a lot of nervousness due to the anticipation of what the move may bring. Thoughts race through your mind, "did I make the right choice, Is this the right time, and am I moving to the right place?" all of these thoughts loom over your head, maybe to the point of causing you to want to turn back and change your mind about the whole thing, but then you tell yourself to shake off the apprehension and fear of the unknown and go forward. Moving is a big decision, and it takes a lot of planning to make a successful move and not one that brings regret and frustration. During a move you may find things that you forgot you had, never knew you had, or can’t figure out why you had it in the first place, nonetheless you end up getting rid of a bunch of unneeded and unwanted things. You may find some things that you really needed and couldn’t find due to the clutter and are glad to have again. Some places you move from you don’t ever want to see that place again, as a matter of fact you plan to never even drive down that street again, over-all it was a horrible experience.

But there are some places that you move from, not due to any horrible experience, you may have some great memories there and had some wonderful times, but it is just time to move to another place, perhaps a new and better place for a new and better you. The move I’m referring to is moving from one place in life to another place — a better place- a place where you can grow even more. A place where the son (Jesus) can shine brighter in you and you can see the path that he has for your life, a place where you won’t have a lot of regrets, sad days, depression, or wow’s, a place where you won’t look back at your past and be in fear. In this move you will have the strength to let go of unwanted things, and hold on to things that are a part of who you really are. This time you can move to a place where you will be greatly appreciated, treasured, and loved. In this place you can appreciate and love who you are, and all the good things you have to share with others, and this is one of the best parts of the move, you never have to return to your old residence again, that place was on a dead-end street with no way out. I am by no means saying that every day will be perfect, but when the son (Jesus) is shining on and in you, it makes even the darkest of days brighter. It will be exciting to see who God made us to be, and we won’t have to struggle with ourselves and others to do it, Jesus took the struggle for us on the cross.

So start packing, it’s time to move.