New Beginning

Great services, wonderful messages and an awesome Sunday School lesson. Our Sunday School lesson was on "Hindrances to Prayer". Have you ever wondered why your prayer has not been answered? Psalms 66:18 If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me: (Iniquity meaning willful sinning.)

If we have sin in our lives and not living in right relationship with others and if there is unbelief, these things can hinder our prayers. To expect God to grant the prayerful petitions of one who is willfully committed to sinful living is contrary to the very nature of God.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family of Bob Bair who passed away Saturday and to Bobby Balentine who passed away Sunday night, both are Diane Robinson’s cousins. To Bro. and Sis. Patrick, Sharon Watts mother, Dorothy Lyon and many loved ones, our prayers are with you all.

We have some birthday’s coming up and I want to wish Royce Johnson, Pat Strough, Jeanette Martin and James Lindsey a happy and blessed birthday for March.

Foothills Faith Tabernacle Church will be celebrating Bro. Johnson’s 80th birthday on Feb. 23, and New Beginning Church will be stopping in to wish him a happy birthday on our way to Jim and Pat’s home for singing, finger foods and fellowship.

"Most of man’s troubles come from the fact that he has too much time on his hands and not enough on his knees."

Holland Baptist

Brother John Evans JR has been preaching powerful messages on what is expected of us, the congregation. He spoke Sunday on the responsibility of the preacher and the people when we gather to worship God. His text was Nehemiah 8:1-12. Ezra spent time in preparation for worship. He had quiet time in a secret place to study the Word. He could meet the challenge of finding time to spend alone with God because the congregation understood he needed that. He spent time righting himself with God. Do we understand the need our ministers have to spend time alone with God? A group of men stood by and with him on the pulpit, platform. Too many preachers fall because no one is standing with them. We have a great responsibility to stand with our preachers. The people begged Ezra to come preach. They came to hear what God had to say to them through the preacher. They had singleness of purpose. They paid attention, listened to every word, and responded as the Word was spoken. Respect for the Word was shown as they stood for its reading. They spoke amens in agreement with the preacher, lifted their hands, and prostrated themselves before the Lord in worship. The end results was conviction, weeping, and repentant hearts. Ezra told them to weep no more but to go home rejoicing. If we respond we go home rejoicing. When the preacher speaks the Word of God and the people give full attention and participate, the end results is worship.

On Feb. 10, several men enjoyed the monthly fellowship breakfast. On Feb. 17, the church enjoyed a delicious meal, after the morning service, prepared and served by Nina Johnston and the kitchen crew. Ladies of the church furnished the desserts. There was a wonderful spirit of fellowship among us for which we give God the glory.

The pastor search committee continues its search for the man God has to lead Holland Baptist Church. We invite you to join us for worship tomorrow if you are looking for a place where the Word is preached and you are loved.