Sonshine Academy’s Level 3 through 8 girls gymnastics team had some high finishes recently at the River City Classic hosted by River City Gymnastics in Little Rock.

In the team competition, the Level 4 finished second. Team members are Lily Douglas, Audrey Kendrick, Ellen Evatt, Katie Beth Smith, Naomi Young, Brinkley Schlinker and Kirah Zulliger.

The Level 5 team of Melaina Taylor, Payton Leach, Abigail Robinson, Madeline Anderson, Anna Kathleen Harris and Sarah Barnard won their division.

In the Level 6 team competition, the Sonshine girls team finished fifth. Team members are Julia King, Abigail Robnett, Kenley Mobley, Jillian Cliburn, Keely Crass and Haley Claire Mathis.

In all-around competition, Douglas won the Level 4, 8-year-old division scoring a 37.3. Fortson won the Level 3, 5- year old category with a 32.7. Emma Tiner won the Level 3, 9-year division, scoring 36.55. Abigail Robinson won the Level 5, 10-year division with a 34.4.

In individual competition, Sonshine Academy gymnasts earned 17 individual event titles and 55 top 3 finishes. Individual event winners were Mia Fortson (Level 3, 5 years) 1st bars and floor; Emma Tiner (Level 3, 9) 1st floor; Katie Brown (Level 3, 11+) 1st beam; Lily Douglas (Level 4, 8A) 1st bars, beam and floor; Katie Beth Smith (Level 4, 9B) 1st vault; Brinkley Schlinker (Level 4, 11) 1st beam; Melaina Taylor (Level 5, 9) 1st floor; Payton Leach (Level 4, 10) 1st bars; Abigail Robinson (Level 5, 10) 1st beam and floor; Madeline Anderson (Level 5, 11) 1st beam and floor; Sarah Barnard (Level 5, 14) 1st floor; Haley Claire Mathis (Level 6, 12) 1st beam.

Other top 3 finishers were Mia Fortson (Level 3, 5) 3rd vault, 2nd beam; Carson Foster (Level 3, 5) 3rd beam and all-around, 2nd vault, bars and floor; Parker Papa (Level 3, 6) 3rd vault; Kamryn Hogan (Level 3, 9A) 3rd bars; Baylei Swaim (Level 3, 9A) 2nd Beam; Katie Brown (Level 3, 11+) 2nd Floor; Lily Douglas (Lever 4, 8A) 2nd Vault; Audrey Kendrick (Level 4, 8A) 3rd floor & all-around, 2nd bars; Ellen Evatt (Level 4, 9A) 2nd bars; Katie Beth Smith (Level 4, 9B) 3rd floor, 2nd bars and all-around; Brinkley Schlinker (Level 4, 11) 3rd all-around, 2nd floor; Melaina Taylor (Level 5, 9) 2nd all-around; Payton Leach (Level 5, 10) 2nd vault, beam, and All-around; Madeline Anderson (Level 5, 11) 2nd all-around; Anna Kathleen Harris (Level 5, 11) 3rd all-around, 2nd vault and bars; Julia King (Level 6, 10) 3rd floor; Jillian Cliburn (Level 6, 12) 3rd all-around, 2nd floor; Haley Claire Mathis (Level 6, 12) 3rd vault; Taylor Joe-Conway (Level 8, 12) 3rd all-around.