Kaylee Freeman and Zane Golden participated in the State Archery Tournament put on by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission recently in Hot Springs. The sixth grade team did a great job but did not make it to nationals. Philip Golden is the coach for archery, but was unable to attend due to a baseball game in Huntsville so Teresa Golden and I were able to accompany the archery students. We had a great time watching the kids and are thankful that we were able to go.

Centerville United Methodist Church has a beautiful new sign in honor of Royce and Glynna Shumate. Anyone who has attended CUMC over the past several decades will agree that both Royce and Glynna kept our church going through thick and thin and are certainly deserving of the dedication.

Spring break came and went, but it did not feel very springy. I keep reminding myself that last year was unseasonably warm during our winter and crazy dry during our summer, so maybe this summer will have plenty of rainfall to keep our gardens and yards hydrated.

Next Saturday, April 6, the H & W Dime and Dollar in McGintytown will have their "Old Ways for Old Days" event. The event will go on from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will include a live band and a variety of activities ranging from making lye soap to outdoor cast iron cooking. There will be antique tractors, homemade baked goods, barbecue, hamburgers and kettle corn. There will be a variety of baby ducks and colored chicks and more old time homemade items than I can list for the kids. It sounds like quite a day so make sure you come on out. When you leave, swing by the church and look at our new sign.


Well they say when it rains it pours! Also I have always heard when someone you know passes away that death comes in 3’s I truly believe that. The past 2 1/2 weeks has been hard and especially this past week at my job. Would like for prayers to the family of my supervisor, John Haynie, who lost his father this past Monday. Also to one of my drivers Marla Perkins, who lost her mother. Also, to our Driver Trainer Julie Babb who lost her daughter, Stacey Rowe, who use to drive for us, at a very young age of 36 years old. Please help me keep these families in prayer and I will be thinking of all of them in their time of need.

Please keep Junior Glover and his family in your prayers as he struggles back and forth in the hospital from a room to ICCU! He is one of the oldest people in the community that has helped our community in so many ways; owned a business and was school board member for many, many years. Please keep his family and him in your prayers.

Hope everyone has a dry Easter! From the weather forecast it doesn’t look good but maybe they are wrong. Spring is coming soon.

Recently the Guy Volunteer Fire Department had an open house at the new substation on Old Texas Road, in their new building. The New Building is very nice. Our community should be proud. And it is my understanding some time in the future they will be planning one for other side of town, too. They served hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, drinks, cake and lots of homemade desserts too. The food was great ladies that baked. Thank you to all that came and participated for making our community a safer community.

The Guy Volunteer Fire Department consists of Chief Toby Harrington; Asst. Chief Curtis Bradley; Captain Andrew Humphrey; Fire Fighters: Wesley Stephens, Heath Williams, Rick Sidebottom, Robert Humphrey, Darby Grimes, Brad Cole, Brian Ward, Golen, Bob Wiser, Ed Wix, Wesley James and Paul Seigrist. We are still in bad need for volunteers. Board Members are: President Wayne Hudson; Vice President Jason Ward; Secretary/Treasurer Ruth Michael, Larry Fielder, David Lane, Wesley Stephens, Erin Hogan, Max Dollar and Glen Baker. 

If you have any question or would like information ask any one of the above and they will gladly help you. I have always said we live in God’s country and it is people like you and all of the above that make this community one of the best communities to live in. I am very proud to be a part of this community. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. 

Have a great weekend and week and remember to not drink and drive and be safe out there. Prom will be coming up soon so we definitely want all of our young people to make good choices and to be safe. Get out there and volunteer to help their Junior and Senior Prom to be one of the best ones they have ever had and a safe one.

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