The 22 families living in the Northwoods subdivision who have been evacuated have not been able to stay in their homes since Friday afternoon, and no official has a specific timetable for when they can return.

County Judge Allen Dodson shied away from giving a specific date on when the Mayflower residents would be able to come home for good.

"You don’t want to under promise or over promise in a situation like this," Dodson said. "We certainly hope it will be soon, and it should be."

Residents who had to evacuate have been staying in hotel rooms in Maumelle and Conway. Officials with ExxonMobil have purchased blocks of rooms for the families.

Mayflower resident Chris Harrell, who lives on Woodside Drive, was allowed to return to his home Saturday, but his neighbors one street over, where the main amount of oil spillage occurred, have not been allowed back.

"They came back with the Mayflower police in order to pick up some items, but it was a 20-minute average," Harrell said. "Then they had to leave."

Harrell said his property did not have any major damage, but the smell has overtaken the area for the past two days.

"It gets inside your house and your car," he said. "It’s fairly horrendous."

Harrell, who has lived in the subdivision for five years, did not know about the pipeline.

"I guess it’s shame on me," he said. "But none of us knew about it."