MADISON HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) — A Detroit-area drive-thru car wash is upping the fear factor again this Halloween season, offering scares along with the traditional wash and wax options.

Quick and Easy Full Service Wash in Madison Heights has featured spooky decorations and the occasional masked worker for the past three years. The idea is to create a haunted car washing experience at no extra charge.

"We started off with just a couple things, a few lights here and there and everybody liked it, so we just kept going," manager Shawn Guilmette told The Detroit News ( ). "A lot of people like it, but there are a few that don’t.

"We had one customer who got so scared she almost landed in the passenger seat, but she still comes back."

Customer Dennis Gniech recently brought along his daughter, Regan Skinner, 10, to experience the Halloween-themed wash.

"Not funny," was her reaction after a ghoul came to the window and sent her screaming and cringing in the back of the car, covering her face.

In addition to the decor and the masked workers, Quick and Easy offers a "Blood Bath Wax"— a red-tinted wax that gushes onto the vehicles.

The car wash will stay haunted for a week or so after Halloween.