A few years ago a man traveled to India on a mission trip. After he returned home, he was excited to show his picture to a friend and tell about his journey. It’s always interesting to see the everyday lives of people from other cultures. He had a picture of what was essentially the family room in an India home. The centerpiece, what we would think of as a mantle on the hearth, featured a carved idol. He pointed out that every seat in this room was carefully arranged so that it was facing this idol. The friend that was viewing the pictures shook his head sadly at the sight of a family with a false god at the very center of its world. A few hours later he walked into his own home and had a seat in his recliner. He grabbed his remote and turned on his TV, suddenly it hit him, his eyes scanned the room slowly, and sure enough every seat in his room was carefully positioned to face the fifty inch flat screen on his mantel. ("gods at war," Kyle Idleman) The truth is there are many idols in our lives, and we are totally oblivious to the fact that they are idols. An idol is anything that takes the place of God in our lives, whether it is the god of money, the god of sex, the god of entertainment, the god of success or the god of self.

It became easy to have idols in our lives when we took God out of mostly everything, out of our schools, our government buildings — of which our government was founded upon — off our money, and ultimately out of our homes, our lives and our children’s lives. These gods that we bow down and worship have taken the place of the one true God, and we no longer need him. Our god money provides everything for us — except happiness, peace and salvation. Our god entertainment gives us TV with hundreds of channels and face book which gives us thousands of friends. We also have video games and twitter. Let’s not forget our cell phones, thanks to them we can be in the same house and even sit at the same table and never have to talk to each other again, just text me. So you see we have no place for God the creator of heaven and earth and everything in them, the sustainer of our lives, the one that gives us oxygen to inhale and the ability to exhale, the one that gives us the ability to have a sound thought and the ability to articulate that thought, the one that teaches us how to make wealth. The God that never sleeps, but watches over and protects us while the watch dog sleeps and the neighborhood watch forgets it’s his watch. It’s time for us to arise from our sleep, put our false gods out of our lives, asks God to forgive us, and receive him back into our lives as the one and only God of our lives.