Christian friends, I greet you in the name of Jesus. No other name is greater than the name Jesus: our Lord and our Savior. Are you thankful? When are you thankful? Is it during blissful times? Is it in response to acts of benevolence? Is your thankfulness apparent only after avoiding some life-altering or ending calamity? The Apostle Paul, said in I Thessalonians 5:14 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. We are to be thankful regardless of our circumstances. Although we do not enjoy experiencing the times of disasters or disappointments, we should not let those moments prevent us from being thankful. God does not ask us to rejoice "for" every situation; however, He does expect us to rejoice "in" all of them. When Christians can maintain their focus on God, then they can live a thankful life.

Every day is an opportunity for us to take advantage of the gift we are given. We do not know the day or the hour when this existence we call life shall end. Therefore, it behooves us to be and do all that we can with each day. We enjoy giving gifts especially when we see the enjoyment and appreciation that accompanies it. God does too. The more we do with each day the more we show that we appreciate the gift.

Let your thankfulness be as sunshine even when it rains. For many people rain (especially if it is cold) has a tendency to dampen their spirit. Nevertheless, that only happens when we overlook the good it brings. It waters the ground for crops, gives water for all to drink, and it gives us the opportunity to see the covenant that we have with God through His rainbow. If we take this approach with us into every day then we are more apt to show how thankful we are. The next time it rains, we should share our smiles as well as our umbrellas so that we will bring about sunshine and live a thankful life.

Living a thankful life is about our appreciation and entails more than just words. Our actions and approach to each day exposes our expectations. Do you expect God to shine on you? You should. Thank you is more than just verbal gratitude. Thankfulness is a lifestyle. We are thankful because we know: God has made the day, He is in control, and that He loves us. Since we know this, we triumphantly charge into each day expecting God to show His greatness to, for, and through us.

Christians should live a thankful life and not let unappreciated circumstances hide our thankfulness. A childhood song was "If you’re happy and you know it then you’re face will surely show it." If you’re thankful and you know it then you’re actions will surely show it.

Until the next time: Live A Thankful Life.

May the God of Glory keep you.