We are nearing the finish line of 2013, and I’m sure that most of us are asking ourselves the same question, am I going to finish this year on a strong note? We want to look back at the year and see that we did accomplish some of our goals, and perhaps we even accomplished some things that were not on our list for 2013.Perhaps we even finished some things that we only saw ourselves doing somewhere in the distant future but God blessed us to start and even finish ahead of time.

To finish strong means exactly what it says, don’t just give up toward the end, win or lose, but give it all you got left once you see that finish line. So don’t stop now even if it looks like what’s the use, I’m not going to complete it, I won’t get first place, maybe not, but tell yourself that you don’t have to be in first place, as long as you are in place, just show up for the race and finish. That will speak volumes to your self-worth, and to the on lookers that are pulling for you and cheering you on.

Speaking of finishing the year strong, we just celebrated Thanksgiving on yesterday, and I know that we all had so much to give thanks for. First of all we could be thankful that God blessed us to see another Thanksgiving Day, although some of us loss some family and friends since last Thanksgiving, we can still be thankful that we shared in their lives while they were still with us.

So many are not as fortunate as others, so many are orphans and living in orphanages, homeless, hospitalized, widows or widowers with no children or any other living family, some are living in battered shelters and in many other situations that would lead some to be unthankful, and yet many in these situations are really thankful to those that take out the time to be a blessing to them during this holiday season, although I must say that once you begin giving to others you’ll find yourself doing it year round, simply because it’s more blessed to give than receive, after all that’s what Jesus did and continues to do. Finish Strong.