I remember growing up as a young boy, I just loved it when Christmas rolled around. I remember my Mother would always have us, my brothers and sisters, something under the tree. There were nine of us so I know it had to be hard for her to go out all alone and get us something for Christmas. We would all have at least one or maybe two gifts to unwrap on Christmas morning.

How Momma did it I don’t know. You see, our Daddy went to be with the Lord when we were just young kids. I didn’t understand why our Daddy left us back then, so early. But we made it.

I thank God for my Mother and I thank God for being with us and helping my Mother raise us up right. I know without God we wouldn’t be here today. We didn’t have much back then but what we did have we were thankful. Christmas to me is thanking God for His Son, Jesus. After all, it’s all about Him and being with family and talking about being with family, talking about the good times and telling jokes and laughing together. Back when I was growing up we didn’t have a lot of stealing and killing going on but we did have a little crime.

I remember back in those days we could leave home and leave our doors unlocked and come back and everything would be the same way it was when we left. I can recall back then neighbors took care of one another, we loved each other. In other words we had each others back. Now I’m no longer a kid, I’m a grown man now with kids of my own (Mona, Dione, and Marcus Jr.) and I thank God for my kids and grandkids.

Even though Marcus Jr. is not here with us today I still thank God for my son because I know one day we’ll be together again as father and son forever. I just want to encourage those who have lost loved ones who have gone to be with the Lord. I know some of you are thinking that it’s hard when this time of the year rolls around, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Believe me I feel your pain. Even though it’s been twelve years since my son went to be with the Lord I still miss him. I think about him each and every day and what it would be like if he was here with me.

When Thanksgiving and Christmas rolls around I really get depressed, but God always brings me through. For those of you whose loved ones were saved and are gone to be with the Lord, trust me they are OK. They are with the One that Christmas is all about (Jesus). It’s okay to think about them and it’s okay to cry. Sometimes it helps, and it heals us when we do that.

I just want to let you know that God feels your pain and He wants to take our pain away. God loves us, and He won’t allow more on us than we can bear. Just thank God that your loved one is with Him and not in that other place called Hell.

So go and enjoy Christmas with your loved ones that are still with you today and let them know that Christmas is about Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Let them know it’s His birthday and not ours. So let’s celebrate Jesus! I pray that every child will at least get one or two gifts for Christmas, and I pray that they will have a big Christmas dinner and enjoy themselves on this blessed day. We ought to be thankful to see another Christmas. In closing I want to thank God for letting me be around to see another day, to see another Christmas and to see another year.

As this year, 2013, comes to an end and 2014 is just around the corner, let’s start being more loving and sensitive towards one another. There are so many people that want to be loved, but they don’t know how to show love so we as Christians need to show more love to those who don’t know Jesus. In fact, we need to be more like Jesus!

Jesus showed love to us when He came to this earth from Heaven to teach how to love one another. So this Christmas let’s think more about Jesus than we do about spending money on presents that we can’t afford. Remember Jesus Is The Reason For The Season! AMEN

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