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The Greenbrier Wrestling Team is having a meet on Dec. 21 at the Greenbrier Event Center. Weigh-in is at 7:30 a.m. This very small team has almost tripled in size from 7 young men to 20 in just its second year. Started as a Greenbrier School District trial with volunteer coach Jayson Howard, the team has to do most of its own funding and has struggled just to get the funds for equipment, travel and entry fees. Not only are they surviving but their enthusiasm is catching. Sophomore Wyatt Daniel is undefeated in all of his 13 matches and has gained quite a nice reputation. Some opponents now just give up when they see they must wrestle Wyatt! A member of the EAST program and Destination Imagination, watch for this bright student’s blazing trail.

I’m getting just a wee bit concerned since I heard my "new" computer — well it’s only 4 years old and in my book, that’s a baby — will be obsolete when Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system is no longer supported April 14, 2014. My Techie Guy (whom I worship for his knowledge) assured me XP was the way to go when I bought my new computer with all the whistles and bells I thought I would ever need.

Now with tablets, chromebooks, androids, iPads and whatever else gurus can think up, I barely pass the learning curve on my new instrument before there is another one standing in line to master. Is it just me? I see little kids now walking around with phones that never leave their sides. I know I’m old-fashioned when I want to snatch it from their hands and say, "Whatever happened to plain old ordinary conversation?" I cannot believe I told an adult to ease their frustration by calling a local student to come to their business and show them how to do an invoice, set margins, and print something correctly! Perhaps there is a business hidden there for an enterprising youngster.

Greenbrier schools will be closed for two weeks starting Dec. 21 until Jan. 6 for the holidays. Do you remember how Christmas never seemed to come very fast when you were young and now there just aren’t enough hours in each day to finish what you need to do before you can start what you would like to do? I’m trying hard just to catch up on cookie baking; but it seems there are two quite large cookie monsters who live with me and my 15 dozen cookies from the ice storm time have now dwindled to about five.  Oh, the Joy of the holidays! Give me a call or drop me a line if you would like to chat ... bj

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