Choir Director Ellen Westerman, Drama Teacher Susan Holtz and Band Director Jennifer Church put together quite a fun dinner and program that involved the Greenbrier High School, Junior High School and students of Eastside Elementary School when they chose to do a Madrigal Dinner and show. Two nights of  stunning pageantry and costumes and a dinner each night of succulent roast pork were quite the hit in the Greenbrier Junior High School cafeteria.

A Madrigal Dinner is a 21st Century re-creation of the Renaissance feasts held in the great baronial halls throughout England during the twelve days of Christmas. Our Greenbrier young students researched their own lines, jokes and costumes and came up with quite good dinner entertainment and music. Each guest was announced by the Herald with a title as he arrived. Principal John Ashworth laughed when he and his wife were loudly announced as Emperor and Empress Ashworth. The impromptu jokes played by the cast were remarkable and enjoyed by everyone.

With the King and Queen came a royal court and a large cast of characters that included court jesters, a wandering minstrel, wandering actors, a brass ensemble, jugglers, dancing girls with ribbons and all sorts of characters — all in beautiful Renaissance costumes. The delicious meal of roast pork was catered by Miss Ann’s Kitchen from Springhill and heartily enjoyed by all. The brass ensemble played old English music during dinner. The Junior High and High School vocalists traded roles the two nights of the pageant and were joined the second night by children from Eastside Elementary School.

The songs chosen were a combination of secular and traditional Christmas carols throughout the meal. Interspersed were tales by the King (interrupted and laughingly corrected by the Court Jester), juggling, and beautifully sung solos which made for an evening of good fun, laughter, love and joy. Help with the beautiful costumes was given by Teacher Mona Dixon and the Society for Creative Anachronism, of which she is a member. A good time was had by all.