There was not one minute in six hours that Santa and Mrs. Claus did not have a child on their lap at the annual visit to Greenbrier’s First Service Bank.

Excited children and their parents stood in line inside and outside the bank to see the legendary old elf and his wife.

First Service Bank has held the event since they opened in 1999, and it is frequented by young and old alike.

Santa and his wife, alias Joe and Denie King from Malletown, have performed as Santa and Mrs. Claus for more than 18 years. With real whiskers, white hair, a velvet suit trimmed with white fur and a matching beautifully trimmed costume for his wife, this man has charmed and entertained thousands of children.

He listened attentively to each child, then he and his wife posed for a photograph.

The bank’s "elves" worked feverishly in the conference center to process each digital photo recording the visit for the family to stop in later and pick up.

Each visitor with Santa receives either a small toy elf or a small Christmas stocking ornament. After six hours, the bank had donated about 400 of these gifts, and there were only about a dozen left at 6 p.m.