"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power." (Alan Cohen)

Change truly is inevitable, it will happen, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

We may make great efforts to slow it down. We may even attempt to ignore change altogether.

There are those that get angry with those who accept and do change, they say, "You’ve changed."

Our world is moving and constantly changing.

The truth is, "Change is inevitable, but growth is optional." (Dr. Horace E. Smith M.D.)

Since change denotes movement and life, I want to be a part of change, I want to live and be a part of shaping the future. I use to constantly live in the past, always trying to preserve it, trying to hold on tightly to the past, which only created stagnation, lack of progress and unproductivity in my life. Preserving the past for the wrong reasons — which was only fear of the unknown and fear of failure — only killed any creativity that I was endowed with from my heavenly father, and also from that which was handed down through genetics. It does take courage to release the old security and embrace the new. When we preserve the past, it should be for viewing, and not for copying or comparison, but for seeing the imagination and capabilities of the past, which only ignites flames for the future. When we observe the things of the past, we are enlightened and we fully comprehend that the capabilities and opportunities afforded to us now far exceed those of the past, therefore there is no fear in allowing the imagination to catapult us far beyond the mediocre, the stagnant, the unproductive and the lazy. So yes we embrace change, since we can’t stop it anyway. We are no longer hugging the past so tightly in our arms that the future can’t embrace us. Growing is maturing and maturing is changing, and change is good, after all my changing is shaping the future, the future of my children, my children’s children, the generation after them and the world around us.

"On Judgment Day, the Ninevites will stand up and give evidence that will condemn this generation, because when Jonah preached to them they changed their lives. A far greater preacher than Jonah is here, (Matthew 12:41 The Message Bible).

"Nothing we can do can change the past, but everything we do changes the future." (Ashleigh Brilliant)

"To change the world, a country, an organization, a community, a relationship, begin with the smallest seed of change: begin with yourself." (Gloria Burgess)