75 years ago


A dinner honoring Sheriff J.I. Summers, who will retire from office Jan. 1 after serving Faulkner County 20 years as a peace officer, was given by friends last night at the Palace Cafe. Thirty-nine persons, including local business men, lawyers, members of the city’s official family and county officials, attended. Prosecuting Attorney George F. Hartje presided as toastmaster. Numerous impromptu speeches were made.

Sheriff Summers was presented a handsome traveling bag as a token of appreciation for his services. Sheriff Summers’ future plans have not been announced.

50 years ago


City police made 15 arrests Saturday, including 13 for traffic violations. There was one arrest for drunken driving and one for drunkenness.

25 years ago


First Presbyterian Church will honor Dr. and Mrs. John Shell at a reception from 3 to 5 p.m. Sunday at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Sam Driggers.

Dr. Shell, minister of the church for 30 years, has announced his retirement, effective Sunday.

10 years ago


The Guy-Perkins School District’s Board of Education has been named an honor board by the Arkansas School Boards Association.

To achieve the Honor Board recognition, a majority of the local board’s members have earned at least 15 hours of inservice training and continuing education through workshops, seminars, or other association activities designed to improve their effectiveness.