Step into my den, pull up a comfy chair and a cup of tea and let’s chat.

Ho! Ho! Ho! That jolly old gentleman has retired for another whole year; so now is the time to look ahead to what’s coming for 2014. Most of us have barely had time to reflect on the past year before we are now faced with choices for another year: taxes coming up, insurance decisions, relocations in either jobs, homes or both, updating our calendars for birthdays, anniversaries, appointments and memorabilia. This sometimes seems a little overwhelming before another year is upon us. Let me try to help.

Keep life simple as much as possible. That sounds so easy, but a wise person told me early last year to "just simplify." I didn’t exactly get it at first because I am a saver, gatherer, nurturer and do-gooder (at least I would like to think so.)

It wasn’t too long before "simplify" hit me. That first appointment that I have always done as an obligation became a hard decision. Should I say yes because I have always been there? What happens when I say no? I tried "no" and found that the earth still kept moving slowly along on its axis, lightning did not strike and nothing fell down! My stress level actually decreased once that decision was made, and it became easier to say no.

Then I looked at my own work space and home environment. I recognized clutter. I still had unpacked boxes from when I moved here almost 10 years ago! Simplify took on a whole new meaning when after one whole day of sorting I had only rid myself of five boxes. That is when decisions became really hard. If I haven’t seen or used it in 10 years, should I keep it? Should I look inside to see if I’m throwing out something important?

I must admit I’m still sorting. I did clear my desks — even though right now it might not look like it. I like to work in organized confusion — and don’t touch my piles because I usually know right where "stuff" is.

Being an investigative person by nature (and for work) comes second nature to me; but I still have to make wise decisions to simplify not only my life, but my daily routine.

What will make the most impact on my readers, my life and my work day? Is it really necessary for well-being to add this item? Now there’s another good word — necessary and simplify — two good words to live by in 2014. You might be surprised at how simple it really is once you begin. Give me a call or drop me a line if you would like to chat.

Happy new year! Enjoy your celebration tonight and be safe, bj.

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