Christian friends I greet you in the name of Jesus. No other name is greater than the name Jesus: Our Lord and our Savior.

God has blessed us to live through another year. If you are like me, you had some good and some not so good moments last year. Regardless of the actual length of time, it always seems as if the good moments fade too fast and the other moments linger too long.

This year that trend will stop. This year the good moments will trump all other moments. This year, 2014, will be different because we will Leave and Pursue. We will leave 2013 and pursue 2014.

It may seem peculiar to say that you are going to leave a year — especially when you are no longer in that year. However, how many of us can attest to reflecting on a past year for months or longer. When we declare that we are leaving 2013, that settles it in our minds: 2013 is gone. It does not matter if the year was good or not so good or even if we wanted the year to leave quicker or stay longer. 2013 is gone. We will not wallow in the adverse effects it had on our lives. We will determine that we have allocated enough tears, heartache and remorse to 2013. For those of us who experienced success in 2013, we will not bask in the splendor it may have brought us. The success we enjoyed in 2013 did not surprise us, in fact, we expected that and more. We will move on in our thinking and reacting. 2013 is gone.

Pursue 2014. A simple statement that not only "packs a big punch," but will also be our motivation as we pursue a better year. In order to pursue 2014 with the proper mindset, we must expect to get something from it. We must charge into this year with a selfish anticipation that it has a plethora of promises and possibilities … for me. There was a song that the late great James Cleveland sang that said, "I don’t believe He brought me this far to leave me." God did not bring you into 2014 so that you could receive the same thing you received in 2013. God wants better for you. Each day that we awake in 2014 will be another opportunity for us to plunder it for its precious promises and wonderful possibilities. Pursue what makes God and yourself happy. The happier you make God in 2014 the happier you will make yourself. You will reap a harvest from the seeds of your daily expectations.

Do not let the bad and/or the good moments that happened in 2013 prevent you from pursuing and reaping your allotment of greatness in 2014.

Until the next time: Let us leave 2013 and pursue 2014 because God has a better year in store.

May the God of Glory keep you.

(Tyrone Sanders is a public speaker and minister. Contact him at