Several months ago I was sitting on a rumor and, just for fun, I decided to write a little riddle in this column to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. That week I got no guesses, no responses, not even a "Hey, that rhymed!" So the next week, I composed a second riddle with additional hints about the rumor. To my utter dismay, only one person in all of Faulkner County began to approach the meaning.

If I didn’t know better, I’d be worried my riddle wasn’t very well constructed and/or completely devilishly clever.

That’s the back story, to get you up to speed. This rumor has come back around and, to be honest with you, I’m tired of sitting on it. It’s burning a hole in my pocket. So, here it is. But first, the riddle (both parts).

Where a windmill once stood

Where an oilfield once sat,

Comes something that would

Come across as apt.

Coming very soon?

If a dog named Rex

Builds a home on this X

The neighbors next door

Will be very perplexed.

Coming very soon?

The answer? CVS Pharmacy may be (might be) coming to the southeast corner of Harkrider and Oak Streets! Now don’t you feel silly that you didn’t get that from the riddle? OK, it is a bit esoteric, I suppose. Mainly directed at people who have been around long enough to realize that the windmill refers to Hiegel, which used to be at Oak and Harkrider, and the oilfield refers to the old Satterfield station ("sat," Satterfield) at the same intersection.

Going out of business

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