Sandra Brady has announced her intention to run for the Vilonia School Board in seat No. 4.

"As a life long Vilonia and District 17 resident, I am at the point in my life that I can now devote myself to the students, teachers and parents of our School District 17." Brady said in a news release. "I have extensive experience as a Vilonia School District employee and have dealt with the individual concerns of the public my entire working life.

"I understand the unique nature of board cooperation needed to reach the common goal of leading the School of Vilonia to the next level. I am not a politician, and have no desire to do anything except make Vilonia School District one of the exemplary Schools within Arkansas.

"A graduate of Vilonia High School, and recent retiree from Vilonia School District after 33 years and know how important team work is needed to accomplish student, teacher, school and district goals. I understand the drive and perseverance needed for a school board member to have, as they work together as a board to attain the end results and highest level of achievement that may be attained within a school district.

"Married to my husband Johnny for 47 years. Johnny and I are both members of Oak Bowery Baptist Church in Saltillo. We have three children, Scott, Shane and Shelly, and each who are a product of the Vilonia School District. We are blessed with nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild at this time.

"Over the next few weeks I look forward to meeting many residents of the Vilonia School District. I would encourage each of you to share with me your concerns, as we go forward in this election which will be held on Sept. 16."