The founders of Arkansas Property Brokers have combined experience and a modern-day vision of real estate sales to create a company that takes care of its customers.

David Broadaway and Wendy Ferguson founded Arkansas Property Brokers in 2014. While the company may be new to Central Arkansas, both of these agents are not. David has 15 years of real estate experience and Wendy has 13 years of real estate experience. As of the time of this writing, both Wendy and David were ranked in the top 10 agents in the Faulkner County Board of Realtors.

The company was formed after David and Wendy discussed the possibility of combining their expertise to form a company that was more agent oriented. "We like to say we are a company ‘by agents for agents’," Wendy says. "We’ve both been at other real estate companies. They were great companies but we needed more control over where and how our properties were marketed and how our business was structured. You see, one size really doesn’t fit all when it comes to real estate. You would never market a lake house the same way you market a farm or commercial building."

Wendy and David both found that the Internet and social media has made it so much easier for agents to place their listings where they are seen most, and agents who understand and embrace that concept can be very successful. "We call that ‘Real Estate Practice 2014 and beyond’," Wendy said. "So we decided to take our expertise and become a company that empowers the agents who are down in the trenches everyday and who have a ‘Real Estate Practice 2014 and beyond’ mentality."

The company has a unique mission statement: "APB is a new company that provides high-level expertise in real estate sales in Arkansas. It is unique in that we have two customers — first and foremost the buyer and seller of real estate. For this customer we will provide superior personal service and target marketing suited for each listing, individually utilizing the latest technology, an aggressive marketing plan, our market knowledge, top negotiating skills, and networking with the locals."

"Our second customer is the real estate agent. We truly believe that the consumer chooses an agent, not a company, and we want a company that gives the agents every tool they need to run their practice in a way that suits the client who chose them. We have formed a business environment designed to attract, partner with and retain the best agents within these markets. Therefore the companies’ secondary customer is the best and brightest top-tier real estate agents who will be in complete control of their practice with a very lucrative commission structure."

Arkansas Property Brokers is already off to a great start in 2014, with several homes listed for sale through both David and Wendy. These homes are large, small, new and old – there is definitely something for everyone available through Arkansas Property Brokers. To see the company’s featured listings, please visit

You can also keep up with Wendy and David on Facebook at On this page, they will post items of interest concerning all aspects of home ownership and home sales — plus any new listings they receive. Arkansas Property Brokers can also be followed on pinterest:, and onYouTube by searching for Arkansas Property Brokers channel

When searching online for homes, the biggest indicator of that search is the location "teardrop." Arkansas Property Brokers takes great pride in making your preferred location their priority. "In designing our logo, we took that same concept and through a local designer added the ‘A’ for Arkansas inside the teardrop. Then we applied our signature green and voila! Our company slogan is ‘Your location is ALWAYS our priority’ – and our company logo just reinforces that commitment.

Listing and selling property is always a priority at Arkansas Property Brokers, and expanding the concept to other parts of Arkansas is a dream that Wendy and David see in the future. "It’s hard to know where this venture will take us but we plan on focusing on our customers and continuing to grow our individual practices. An investor who wants to expand our concept into Searcy, Cabot, and Russellville has approached us. We haven’t worked out the details because we’ve been so busy doing what we do best - listing and selling property; which will always be our first priority.

But when the market slows down and the dust settles we definitely plan on going back to the boardroom to visit with these guys. It’s very exciting and should definitely be a nail biter!