GREENBRIER — AnneDella Hines is a Junior in Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in Advertising /Public Relations & Political Science at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville.   A 2012 Honors Graduate from Greenbrier High School, she is the daughter of Del and Love Hines. AnneDella had the privilege of spending two weeks in Bolivia this summer as a part of her seven week journalism course and said, "It has certainly been a life-changing experience for me.   It has changed the way I see people. I now see people just like me, just in a different culture."

Hines started as an intern with the Bell Engineering Department but has now been promoted to Media Coordinator and does film and print work that mainly deals with recruiting students--mainly   international students.

Her mother says, "She is sort of a Lewis and Clark kind of girl who is an aspiring journalist   in making documentaries. Her eyes were suddenly   opened to the important role of journalists in our world.   We live in such a safe community and it only took a few days for her life to forever change with this trip."   Bolivia was the first faculty led study abroad trip to that country for the University of Arkansas and also the first faculty led study abroad trip for the Journalism Department.   Currently the University is studying in 19 different countries this summer.

The Walter J. Lemke journalism department at the University of Arkansas sent 14 students and two instructors to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. The instructors, Hayot Tuychiev and Ray Minor, used a two-week intersession course to prepare the students for their time in Bolivia – teaching them to use the equipment they’ll have available and sending them on "practice" assignments in Fayetteville.

The journalism students worked with students from Universidad Autonoma Gabriel Rene Moreno in Santa Cruz. The Bolivian students served as guides and interpreters for the U of A group who stayed at a nearby hotel during that two weeks. They operated as a newsroom in teams of two, each with an interpreter/guide. They had to use their cell phones and cameras to get still pictures, audio and video, and collect information and interviews for their story ideas each day.

They visited the local markets in Santa Cruz and the world’s largest butterfly house. They were also charged with getting to know the Bolivian students and learning about the people and the culture. They had to post to Facebook and tweet multiple times a day. AnneDella said, "It was a challenge learning to use all the technical equipment in a mobile environment."

Once back in Fayetteville she had to produce two multimedia stories, one news and one feature to receive her six credit hours.   She focused first on broadcast journalism, but then had to write a story as well. You can go to to view her reviews and written work.

AnneDella said, "I was really able to experience my future career and report internationally. I experienced my dream first-hand to be a documentary film maker. It has opened my curiosity for other countries and I have added International Relations to my courses as I start my Junior year. It taught me to look at my world in so many different ways."