By Brenda Dowdy

The Guy-Perkins senior boys didn’t make it to state, but we are still proud of them. You guys rock.

Please keep the following in your prayers: Linda Stevenson, Clark Stevenson, Wayne Stevenson Wilma Stevenson, Dorothy Stevenson, Betty Griffith, Darrell Bearden, the family of Teresa Baker Benefield, Norma Clendenin, Bud Albright, Billy and Chris Williams and Dora Glover. We all need prayers, and the above people have been sick or lost a loved one.

I went to Landon’s first soccer game last Saturday; it was interesting for sure. They all looked so cute out there, as most on the team had never played before, but they were learning and having fun.

Madison Joelle Dowdy is growing every day. Landon is such a good brother — I wonder if he will be after she gets into his stuff. I hope so, for he is very protective.

Don’t forget to go out and vote. If you don’t vote it is your loss. You can make a difference.

Please send news to or call 501-450-0395; I’d love to hear about your trips, visitors, etc.

Sandy and I attended Erica Rimmer and Cole Dixon’s wedding. It was beautiful. Richi did a good job in helping in the ceremony. Tina and Richi, you have done a wonderful job in raising your kids. Erica was a beautiful bride. I wish them many years of blessings during their marriage.