The Conway Planning Commission voted 6-2 to reject sending a recommendation to rezone property owned by Central Baptist College from R-2A (two-family residential district) to S-1 (institutional district) following a public hearing Monday.

During the hearing, a few residents in the area expressed concerns that CBC hasn’t shown any plans for the properties if rezoning was approved.

They said they would oppose the creation of another parking lot and pointed to a CBC gravel lot that remains largely unused.

CBC Vice President of Finance Paul Cherry told the commission that eventually the college wants to build a $20 million athletic complex that would be between 60,000-80,000 square feet. He said the complex was likely years away because of a lack of funding.

"I’m thinking three to five years out," he said, adding that could change if the school received a large donation.

He said the city had approached CBC about using the land for parking for College Station Park in the meantime.

The college withdrew requests for five parcels and asked the commission to consider rezoning two parcels — Parcel B, which comprises two one-story, single-family residences on Conway Boulevard, and Parcel C, which includes a one-story, single-family residence on Bruce Street, three one-story, single-family residences on Conway Boulevard, a one-story, single-family residence on South Boulevard and five one-story, single-family residences on Center Street.

Commissioners Jerry Rye and Mark Lewis, chairman, voted in favor of recommending the rezoning while Commissioners Brooks Freeman, Dalencia Hervey, Marilyn Armstrong, Bryan Quinn, Anne Tucker and Justin Brown voted against it.

Commissioners Matthew Brown and Wendy Shirar were absent.

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