From Conway Police Department reports:

Postman’s holiday

An officer, just off work, stopped at a local gas station at 7 a.m. Sunday, March 13. The officer got some gas and went inside to get a cold drink before continuing his journey.

As the officer entered the store a man standing by the front counter said, reportedly loudly, "I need a cab ride home. That guy’s in uniform so he can get me one." At the cooler the officer stopped and looked to see if the man was speaking to/about him. Seeing that was the case, the officer said he was off duty, but once he got his drink he’d see about helping the man if he could.

"The male spoke with a loud northern accent and I did know know at the time he was intoxicated. I would discover his level of intoxication shortly," the report stated.

While selecting his drink the officer heard the man state "That [redacted] should give me a ride, but I guess he’s not…." using obscene and vulgar language. The officer walked to the man, calling him out, and the clerk also told the man the officer was trying to get his attention.

Once attention was gained, the officer told the 34 year old man that he originally planned to help him, even to let him use his phone if need be, but due to the man’s impatient and intemperate remarks now thought otherwise. It was here the officer noted the oft-reported "strong odor of intoxicants," matched with glassy and bloodshot eyes.

The man bowed up ("took an aggressive stance" in report-speak) to which the officer radioed dispatch that he had a rowdy drinker on hand ("disorderly and intoxicated") The officer handcuffed the man, noting here the man didn’t resist. As he walked the man from the store the man began yelling and cursing, however.

The above was a supplement to the report filed by the on-duty officer who picked the man up at the gas station.

He and the off-duty officer loaded the man in the back of the patrol car, where the intoxicant-odered yelling-and-cursing man acted out in the back of the patrol car, including banging against the plexiglass divider. This was videoed for evidence.

The man was booked for public intoxication and jailed. Mug shots were not taken as he remained rowdy while being booked.

"I advised dispatch I was back unavailable," the report concluded, and was the last line of the off-duty officer’s supplement.

Um, no

It was 3:47 in the morning of March 13 when an officer was called to a motel on Skyline Drive. A woman there, dispatch relayed to the officer, was acting odd and needed to be investigated. The officer arrived and found the woman as dispatch described her, walking through the parking lot.

She was not walking in a straight line, but erratically, stumbling. The officer stopped and called out, but the woman, obviously ignoring the call, kept walking, now stumbling up a curb. The officer walked up to her and had her stop. He asked her for ID and what she was doing. The woman gave a name and said she was there waiting for someone. The officer noted the (and here we go) "odor of intoxicants" upon the woman, along with her slurred speech. She admitted, to the officer’s question, that she had been drinking "earlier," the report stated. The officer told her he was there because someone was worried about her and thought she needed to be checked on. She replied "Sweetheart, that’s so nice" and tried to hold the officer’s hand.

The officer asked her why she was at the motel and she gave him several different explanations, the report stated.

Initially the 27 year old woman said she was there to meet her mother, then that she was meeting her boyfriend. Then she said she had a room at the motel. With this the officer looked over at motel staff who shook their head "no," that the woman did not have a room there.

The officer put the woman in handcuffs and the woman faked an asthma attack, the report stated. She was taken to jail, charged with public intoxication.

Saturday night

Just after 11 p.m. Saturday, March 12, officers were called to an address about a suspicious person.

While on the way officer were advised this was the second call that night to the address, and that apparently the man who had been the cause of the initial call was back again after having been arrested earlier.

The arrested man lived near the address where officers were called.

Two of the officers went to the man’s house The woman of the house opened the door and told the officers, to their request, that she would get the man for them. She then went in the back of the house while the officers waited.

With that the man came to the door "in a very aggressive manner" and challenged the officers, asking them what they were doing at his house, the report stated. His eyes were bloodshot and he smelled of intoxicants, it was reported. The officer said they had gotten a call from the house he was arrested from earlier, and he wanted to hear the man’s side of the story.

The man began cursing, while the woman of the home did her best to calm him. The man indicated a disdain for those who lived at the other house, and they were justified in being fearful of him, the report stated.

As a third officer spoke with the residents of the home which had made the call, the officers went back to the street and waited by their patrol cars.

After a few moments the man came back to the door and said he wanted to speak to the officers, and began drunkenly cursing and yelling, loudly.

A crowd began to gather and the officer told the man to stop cursing or he would be jailed. The enraged the man, but the woman of the home was able to quiet him.

The officer returned from investigating at the home down the street, having heard of the man going there and beating on the door, waking a sick child within.

As the officers spoke they could see inside the yelling man’s house, and that the man moved toward the door several times, and the woman of the house stopping him.

The officer made the decision to move up the street in the hope of de-escalating the situation, but where they could keep an eye on the homes, and did so.

About two minutes later, the report stated, the man came out of the house, gesturing wildly ("with large hand movements" in report language).

The officers approached and put the man in handcuffs. He was offended the officers were, as he put it, arresting him for cursing and wrestled with the officers, dragging the group back into the home, who were able to put him in handcuffs. With this the woman of the home became hysterical, the report stated, that the police were in her house.

The 29 year old man was jailed, charged with disorderly conduct.