New Beginning Church

by Diane Robinson

Last week was awesome and the revival was much needed. Bro. Carman Foster preached on the fist night about hope taken from Timothy and Colossians, the second message was on John 11:35 Jesus wept. He brought out things that I have not thought about, and it was so powerful. Then the third message was God sent a prophet, taken from Judges 6: 1, 7-10, The fourth was If Jesus was here in the flesh. They were such powerful and up lifting messages and people were touched.

Easter is almost here and after the morning service we will have pot luck. If you are looking for a place to come and worship and enjoy great food we invite you to New Beginning Church. We want to wish everyone a very happy and blessed Easter Sunday.

My prayer is: Jesus, knowing You brings me joy! I am so glad that I am saved and on my way to heaven. Thank You for the abundant life You provide.

I can smile because I know that You love me. I can be positive because You have the power to heal, restore, and revive. Your presence brings me joy and just being with You is such a privilege. You are awesome, and I delight to know You and tell others about You. Amen. I pray that everyone will feel the same.

"A place of worship should be of such character that it will be easy for men to find God and difficult for them to forget Him."