Bad parade

An officer on patrol just after 1 a.m. Friday, March 18, spotted two men walking through a residential area off Oak Street. As this area has a problem with crime and drugs the officer chose to check the men.

When he pulled up to them he recognized one of the men as someone he had crossed paths with in the past, the man being on parole and staying in a nearby halfway house.

The man walking with him, it turned out, was also on parole and also at the halfway house.

The men admitted they were out after curfew and were destined to get in trouble for being out as late as they were. The officer called in, confirming that as a condition of their parole they had a consent-to-search on file, and searched them.

As additional backup officers arrived the reporting officer searched the pair.

In the first he found a foil gum wrapper in a pants pocket which had what proved to be meth in it. That man was handcuffed. The second man was searched a portion of a used marijuana cigarette was found in his pocket. He, too, was handcuffed.

Both men were jailed, charged with drug possession and placed on parole hold.

Spicoli 2016

Just after midnight, in the opening moments of Saturday, March 19, and police were called to a West Conway street. A home there, officers were told, was making a lot of noise due to loud music, and it was disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.

Officers went to the address. As they drew closer they found 25 to 30 cars, per the report, parked haphazardly on the street outside the address.

The officer found the loud music was coming from the address, and as they pulled up several people who had been milling about outside ran in the house as they saw the police cars.

The investigation continued. The reporting officer walked toward the house, noting the ever-stronger odor of marijuana as he drew closer to its door. He knocked, loudly, and one of the residents of the home came to the door. "I told him the party was over and told him the cars parked in the street would cause issues for emergency vehicles," the report stated.

He also told the home’s representative that should there be any problems, the smell of marijuana was enough to provide cause to get a warrant and search the home.

Meanwhile, a large group inside the home turned up the music and began chanting a three word phrase ending in "the police" which included an obscene slang term.

The officer wrote the home’s representative a citation for violating Conway’s noise ordinance, and while he was doing so the home’s guests began filing out, getting in their haphazardly parked cars, and leaving.

"The party concluded and all involved participants left the area," the report, in turn, concluded.

The wrong guy

A man was at the center of two separate police reports within a short period of time the night of March 18.

In the first, officers were called to a man’s home just after 9 p.m. The man told police his tires had been slashed.

The man explained to officers that the tires had been slashed by his son. He had picked his son up the night before and allowed the 21 year old man to stay with him.

His son had slept all day, he told officer. That night, he explained, his son woke up and asked for $30 so he could get his car fixed.

The man told police he refused to give the money to his son, as there was no auto repair available at that hour, and the son just wanted the money for drugs.

With that his son became enraged and grabbed several knives from the kitchen.

He told his father that if he didn’t get the $30 he was going to slash the tires on his father’s cars, then went outside and slashed several tires on two cars to prove he was serious. He came back in, found out his father still. wasn’t going to give him the money, argued, and then grabbed the keys to a third of the father’s cars, a white coupe, and left.

Officers investigating found the tires slashed on both a sedan and SUV, the latter with a kitchen knife lying nearby. Evidence was taken, including pictures.

And hour and 20 minutes later a second police report was filed.

An officer on patrol saw a white couple pull off the Interstate and, still on the off ramp, pull onto the shoulder. The car "appeared to be empty," the report stated. The officer investigated.

As he walked up to the coupe, the officer found a man inside, in the reclined driver’s seat, sleeping. It was the young man, the son, from the previous report. The officer called for additional backup. When those officers arrived he knocked on the driver’s window in order to wake the sleeper. The man woke up, and the officer had him get out of the car so he could speak with him.

He noted the young man had a cut on his left hand, and was told this was due to an accident with a knife earlier.

The officer, with permission, searched the man, but found nothing illegal on him. He then gained permission to search the car, and in so doing found a syringe on the passenger floorboard.

Further search revealed a second syringe in the console, this one inside a hydrogen peroxide bottle, along with some scattered white powder on the console.

The officer called the young man’s’ father to come and pick up the car. When his father arrived, the officer confirmed the 21 year old son had no medical condition which would require him to inject anything.

The father added he had been trying to get help for his son.

The young man was jailed on drug paraphernalia after the white powder tested for neither cocaine or meth. The car was released to the father, its registered owner.