Good morning brothers and sisters, and what a good morning it is.

I thank God for being in the land of the living. So many, young and old, are no longer with us here on earth. Every last one of us has some one who has died and went on to "the other side," in other words they left this earth to go to their final resting place. Or you can put it this way: they have left this earth and gone on to that final destination to be there forever and ever.

Brothers and sisters, that will be our last stop and our last go-around. That will be a good thing for some and a bad thing for others. There are some people who live for Jesus, trusting Him as their Lord and Savior putting their hope and trust in Him to save them. They are lovers of God and they believe Jesus died and rose three days later.

On the other hand, it’s not such a good thing for some people, those who never trusted Jesus as their Lord and Savior, those who want to live their life the way they want to live it and not the way God wants them to live. And those who made up in their minds not to have anything to do with Jesus and live in sin, day after day after day. But how many of you know there is a man named Jesus who died for our sins, not only died and was buried but got up out of the grave in three days to save us from our sins?

Yes, my brothers and sisters, Jesus died with a purpose in mind and that purpose was to save all mankind. Yes, to save the whole world. Jesus paid the price for us with His precious blood. Believe it or not, we belong to Him now. I’m not going to let Jesus die and shed His precious blood for me and I turn around and go to hell. Oh no, my last stop is going to be in Heaven with Him who cared enough for me to give up His life for little ol’ me.

I know sometimes I get personal, one on one with Jesus. That’s because if I was the only one on earth and I sinned, Jesus would still have had to die just to save little ol’ me. Now that’s love.

Romans 3:23 says: "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God." Now because He lives I can face tomorrow. Because He lives I no longer have a drug and alcohol problem. This is to all my brothers and sisters who have a drug and alcohol problem, give it up and surrender to Jesus. Ask Him to take it away from you and mean it from your heart when you ask Him. He will do just that; I’m a living witness to what God can do with that drug and alcohol problem. Because He lives, it’s by His stripes we are healed. Because He lives, I can love everyone. Because He lives, I can face each day knowing I am covered by His blood. Because He lives, the devil is defeated. Because He lives, I know where my final destination will be and that is in Heaven with Him. Because He lives, all my enemies will leave me alone.

Brothers and sisters, Jesus is alive and well. And He sits on the right hand of God the Father in Heaven interceding for us. Now if you believe that, give God the glory. Just thank Him for what His Son did at Calvary. Happy Easter to everyone, because Jesus lives.