Growing up poses challenges, but a Conway first grader recites Bible verses with ease.

The phenomenon of Sydney Hopson, "The ABC Girl," is spreading throughout Arkansas and will make its way to Birmingham, Alabama in June.

Hopson’s grandmother remembers asking Hopson to recite her favorite Bible verse on her way of taking Hopson to school. Hopson replied, "Which one? I know them all."

Her grandma told Hopson to recite some, and Hopson recited a verse beginning with every letter in the alphabet with the book, chapter and verse where each letter could be located.

Hopson knows passages from Psalm 23, The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6, Psalm 34, John 3, Exodus 20 and several more.

Because of Hopson’s wealth of knowledge of Bible verses, she recited verses at the State Capitol for Gov. Asa Hutchinson and his staff Dec. 17, 2015.

Hopson had her first solo performance almost two years ago on Easter Sunday 2014, where she received a standing ovation from the maximum capacity filled congregation at Greater Friendship Baptist Church.

Hopson was so excited she couldn’t wait to tell Mrs. Cochran, her preschool teacher at Conway Christian School (CCS).

Hopson loves to use her verses in a variety of ways.

She plays a game with other children where they call out a letter, and she recites the corresponding verse.

She also uses her verses to settle conflicts with playmates, whether they should go along with their choice or not.

Hopson is recognized and stopped by several people who tell her she blesses them.

Hopson relatives said they are pleased with CCS for working with Hopson and her peers.

Reciting verses is not going to be kept in Arkansas, however, as Hopson is scheduled to recite at the National Baptist Convention Southwest Regional Youth Conference in Birmingham, Alabama, in June.

Her grandma says the recognition Hopson has received is outstanding, and she continues to get scheduled in several places.

Hopson’s family is quick to give God the praise and glory for her talents and spiritual gifts.They also applaud the contributions and impact others have made in Hopson’s life.

Hopson currently attends CCS on a partial tuition scholarship, for which her family is extremely grateful.

Anyone who wants to book Hopson for reciting the ABCs of the Bible, other biblical passages, play piano or sing with "commotions" can email her grandmother at or at 501-697-3346.

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