Fats, oils and greases aren’t just bad for arteries and waistlines — they’re bad for sewers too.

When you discard your cooking oil, butter, pan drippings, dairy products, sauces and more down your kitchen drain, it accumulates inside the sewer pipes making it difficult for wastewater to flow freely to the wastewater treatment plant.

When wastewater can’t make its way through the sewer pipes, it overflows into the streets, lawns, storm drains — even into homes.

In addition to sewer spills and backups, pouring grease down the drain can cause rancid smells, potential contact with bacteria and viruses that can cause illness; expensive cleanup and repairs and higher operating and maintenance costs for Conway Corp potentially resulting in higher sewer bills for you. Sewer backups and overflows are preventable if you simply Can the Grease!

Finished cooking? Pour cooled oil, fats and grease into a can. Place a lid, provided by Conway Corp, on the top to seal. When the can is full, remove lid to reuse and throw the can away.

Visit the Conway Corp office at 1307 Prairie St, Conway, for a free Can the Grease lid.