The Museum of Veterans and Military History, 53 N. Mt. Olive in Vilonia, will be the host for the Military Fest and Military Vehicle Show set for 10 a.m. until 4 p.m., Saturday, April 2.

An invitation is extended to all military collectors and enthusiasts to come out and display items as well as share a little history with attendees. There is no charge to attend or display.

Several have signed up to participate including four to six WWII reenactors, from the Cabot area, who will bringing with them an authentic German machine gun display. Members of the Arkansas MV Travelers are coming in from northwest Arkansas. On their list is WWII Jeeps, Korean Jeeps, a Vietnam Vintage Jeep, a Command Car from WW2, a field piece as well as other vehicles.

Although his will not likely be among those on display, General George Patton utilized the command car in his dash across France in 1944.

He reformed the 6th Cavalry Group into an army information service. Normal signal communications and command channels were bypassed. Information that was obtained by patrols on the front lines was instantly relayed by radio and teletype to 3rd Army Headquarters.

Patton utilized the command car for this role because of the radio communications capability. Command cars were designed to carry the SCR 193 radio set which had a range of 15 to 30 miles while moving and approximately 20 to 60 miles stationary. Patton had several custom made command cars for his use throughout WWII.

It is anticipated there will be weapons as well as uniforms. We would also invite veterans of every era to visit and share stories.

Of course, the museum will also be open, the coffee pot will be on, and there will be no charge to tour. For information or to register to attend, call 501-796-8181 or you may email