From Conway Police Department reports

Didn’t see the light

Almost 3 a.m. on Friday, March 25, when an officer on patrol saw a domestic sedan with its license plate light not working. The officer went blue lights and pulled the car over.

The officer reported straight away noticing the odor of "raw marijuana" as he walked up to the car. He then spoke to the three in the car, the driver and the two men in the backseat, and got their information. Right about now additional officers were pulled up to the scene of the inoperative license plate light and marijuana smell.

The officer, one at a time, had the three get out of the car and, with their permission, searched them. Nothing was found. The officer explained to the driver that the smell of marijuana was enough to give him cause to search the car. He then did so.

Instead of a leafy green substance presumed to be marijuana the officer found two guns under the front seat. Both found guns semi-automatic, both with rounds in the chamber, one a 40 cal and one a 9 mm. The officer made the weapons safe and then called in their serial numbers, finding out the 40 cal was stolen, and stolen from the Conway area. With that the three men were handcuffed and separated, being loaded into different patrol vehicles. The investigation continued.

The officer spoke with the driver, who told him he just bought the car that day and was on his way home with it after purchasing it in Little Rock. (The officer noted in the report that this was odd, as the car was seen on a Conway byway earlier in the evening.) He had, he told the officer, "no clue" about the guns, the report stated.

The officer then spoke with one of the passengers. That man had gone with the driver to buy the car, stopping at a party on the way home, he said, and he, too, had no idea about the guns. The officer spoke with the third passenger (the reader is reminded these three men had been separated) and this man, also, had no idea about the guns.

This second man had the strongest smell of marijuana of the three, the officer reported, and asked the man about the possibility of his having some with him that the initial search did not disclose. He did not, was the man’s reply.

The officer checked the car again, finding nothing, then searched the men again. The second man, it turned out, had a bag of what was reported being a "green leafy substance" by his feet in the patrol car where he had been sitting.

The three were taken to jail, and while enroute reminded of the nature of a felony should one bring drugs into jail. While being processed into jail the, again, second man was found to have a small bag of a white powder in a pant’s coin pocket. This field tested positive as being cocaine.

The drugs, presumed and otherwise, were put into evidence and the car was impounded. The men were jailed and the second man’s parole officer was notified regarding the matter.

Cousin Warbucks

Mid-morning March 25 and officers were called to a local bank about the people there being harassed. On the way, dispatch told the reporting officer of a man there, a customer, who was harassing the bank staff and entering and exiting the bank.

As the officer arrived he was greeted in the parking lot by a man, who, it turned out, was the same man who the bank employees called about harassing them. The officer spoke with the man. He told the officer he was a millionaire and was trying to get his "settlement check" the report stated. He explained to the officer that he really didn’t have a problem with anyone in the bank except the security officer, who he hoped the officer would confront.

Leaving the millionaire aside for the moment, the officer turned his attention to a bank employee. She told him of the man coming in and asking those who worked there to contact an insurance company about money he is owed. This, apparently, was not unusual for the 55 year old man, but today it had gotten "out of hand," she told the officer, the report stated.

Today, she explained, the man had gotten in the drive-through window service line and, with a (obviously) toy gun pretended to shoot himself. He then left, and returned, several times.

She then explained that the purported millionaire had said in the past he was going to drive an RV to the bank and take a particular one of the bank’s employees, a young lady, away.

But today the man’s actions were so over-the-top the employees locked the bank and called police, the reporting officer being the respondent. They had closed out the man’s account with the bank, totaling 65 cents, and released it to him, via the officer. The man was criminally trespassed and told not to come back to the bank by the officer.

The video of the man’s theatrics in the drive-through line with the toy gun was taken into evidence.


Easter Sunday morning and police were called about a woman walking near Dave Ward Drive. Callers were not sure about the woman’s condition, and asked officers to check on her.

The reporting officer found the woman walking down a side street just off the highway. She was, the officer reported, unsteady on her feet and moving her head up and down, from sky to ground, as she walked.

The officer investigated, catching up with the woman in a gas station parking lot and speaking with her. She gave the officer a name and birthdate which he called in, but it turned out nobody of that name and birthdate existed in the state. Dispatch did find someone with that birthdate of name close to the one the officer had been given. The sent an officer the picture of that woman, and it turned out to be the same person with whom the officer was speaking.

The officer noted the woman’s clothing was in disarray, and she was having trouble communicating using full sentences. She also, he reported, had a habit of mumbling to herself. To the officer’s question she said it was possibly the eighth or tenth of February.

As the woman did not have the classic odor of intoxicants, the officer estimated she was under the influence of some sort of narcotic. As she was in such a state she was a danger to herself and the community, the officer further determined, and took the woman into custody.