The Conway Ministry Center is moving forward with a plan to continue to distribute food and other needs to those in need in Faulkner County. Though the exact start-up date has not been announced, the plan is to have the new program operational before the summer of this year. The CMC will be coordinating this program in conjunction with its residential partner, Sold Out Church, who will be providing direct supervision and manpower for the program in conjunction with other local churches. The Conway Ministry Center hopes that this program will continue to meet needs of disadvantaged families and individuals who come to its doors in need of these necessary supplies. The hope is that many local food pantries will collectively join to help better facilitate food distribution for all clients in Faulkner Country. They desire it to be a citywide effort in supplying the poor, homeless, and underprivileged in our community with suitable food and nutrition.

The new food program, which will be called the Family Food Foundation, is based on the "client choice model," which according to the Food Bank of East Alabama is, "a client choice pantry [that] allows clients to select their food instead of receiving a prepacked or standard bag of groceries. They are not given items they have already, do not like, or cannot eat for health or personal reasons." The client choice model allows for greater choice and dignity to the food donation process than does the traditional food pantry. There are four different types of client choice pantry models: the grocery store, the multiple tables, the distribution window, and the inventory list model. The exact type of client food pantry has not yet been decided by the Conway Ministry Center and Sold Out Church. More specific details will likely be released in April, but you can find out more information about the client choice pantry model by going to the Food Bank of East Alabama and viewing the pdf at: