The walking veteran, Thomas Hudson, made a stop Thursday in Conway as part of his "Walk Across America" from Las Vegas to Washington, D.C.

Hudson, a disabled Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam, iterated that he is not legally allowed to walk all that way because one can’t legally walk along interstates and there are parts of highways that stop.

"The walk has been difficult, but I always say, ‘one step at a time,’" he said.

Despite his difficulties, Hudson is continuing with his journey.

"The purpose of this pilgrimage is to bring awareness of these Veteran’s Association abuses and to rally congressional leaders to make the necessary changes instead of a Band-Aid approach," he said.

Hudson told stories of his and fellow veterans’ troubles with the VA, which is his biggest reason of walking.

"No veteran should ever to Walk Across America to beg for help," Hudson said.

In 2015, Hudson founded the Veteran’s March, which is an investigative watchdog of the VA.

He started his walk on May 2 in Las Vegas and will conclude with a rally on Nov. 11 in Washington, D.C., honoring United States Marine Corps Bryan Carpenter.

Carpenter was a victim of two roadside bomb explosions in 2006, but has since recovered from his injuries and is now a mixed-martial arts coach and a gym trainer.

Hudson carried a book about Carpenter called "Never Ending Battle After Iraq," which he got signed by all the mayors in the cities where he has stopped.

Along his journey, Hudson had to change carts because of a flat tire and picked up LED lights from an AutoZone so he could walk at night before resting for the night.

Hudson has posted videos updating where he is and whom he is talking with along his walk.

He has also honored different veterans in a mile-walk with a $5 donation.

Hudson has a Go Fund Me page where one can donate to the cause at and can follow his journey on The Walking Veteran Facebook page.

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