LITTLE ROCK — The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission passed a package of 14 new fisheries regulations for 2017 at its August meeting today.

The following regulations were distributed for public comment in May and officially proposed at the Commission’s July meeting. They will go into effect Jan. 1, 2017.

· Implement a 10-inch minimum length on crappie at Lake Atkins;

· Replace 3-fish daily creel limit on striped bass in Lake Greeson with the statewide daily limit of 6 fish;

· Remove the ½ daily creel limit restriction on Dr. Lester Sitzes III Bois d’Arc Lake for all game fish except crappie;

· Clarify the need for a commercial license to sell wild-caught fish;

· Clarify the definition of "snagging" in the AGFC code book;

· Clarify snagging regulations;

· Clarify that game fish may not be possessed while gigging;

· Implement a 14- to 17-inch protected slot limit with a daily creel of 10 fish, one of which may be over 17 inches, for largemouth bass on Mallard Lake;

· Move Dr. James E. Moore Camp Robinson Firing Range pond from Family Fishing Program rules to Community Fishing Program rules;

· Remove Landers Lake from the Family Fishing Program;

· Close commercial harvest of species of greatest conservation need outlined in Arkansas’s State Wildlife Action Plan (available at Those now prohibited include: lake sturgeon, American eel, striped mullet, highfin carpsucker, pealip redhorse, and silver redhorse.

· Close a portion of the White River from Newport Access to Jacksonport Access to commercial fishing for paddlefish and sturgeon;

· Implement a 15- to 18-inch protected slot limit with a creel limit of 10 fish, only one of which may be larger than 18 inches, for largemouth bass on Lower White Oak Lake, and

· Simplify the Commercial Facility Operator’s License by having one Commercial Boat Dock Permit with an annual cost of $25 on any commercially licensed facilities on Commission property.

In other business, the Commission:

· Approved the removal of obsolete, damaged and unusable inventory with an original value of $851,761 and a current net book value of $15,986.

· Approved a request granting surplus boating equipment to Diamond City Police Department for the development of an emergency response program.

· Approved a quarterly update to the agency’s Capital Asset Master List to modify capital asset expenditures and meet emerging needs for Fiscal Year 2017.

· Authorized AGFC Director Jeff Crow to convey a small portion of land surrounding Harris Brake Lake in Perry County to resolve an encroachment issue on AGFC property.

· Authorized Crow to accept a land donation at Johnston Eddy on the Current River in Randolph County for future expansion of a parking lot at the neighboring AGFC boating access.

· Tabled a proposal from Wildlife Management Division staff to restrict the movement of live cervids from captive breeding facilities within the CWD management zone until the next regulations cycle, after sufficient data has been collected from CWD tests taken during hunter-harvested samples in the 2016-17 deer season.