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Professional stuntman Eddie Braun successfully jumped over the Snake River Canyon Friday afternoon in an ode to his boyhood idol, Evel Knievel.

Braun soared over the southern Idaho canyon in a custom-built rocket dubbed "Evel Spirit."

It launched off a steep ramp on the edge of the canyon rim just before 4 p.m. as hundreds of onlookers watched.

The rocket reached an estimated 400 mph before its parachute deployed, allowing Braun and the ship to land safely in fields on the other side of the 1,400 foot-wide canyon. He didn’t appear to grant any interviews immediately following his flight; members of his team had earlier announced that he would instead be available for interviews on Monday morning in New York City.


A suburban Portland pastor who won an AR-15 rifle in a raffle and then said he gave it to a gun-owning friend for safekeeping will not be prosecuted for transferring the weapon without conducting a background check, authorities said.

Officials were investigating whether Rev. Jeremy Lucas may have violated a recent state law that makes transferring a gun without a background check illegal, even if the arrangement is between private parties and no money changes hands.

But investigators uncovered no evidence that Lucas, 45, actually transferred the gun and never determined the name of the gun-owning friend.


Authorities on Friday identified the second woman whose body was found in an Ohio home this week, and a judge ordered a suspect arrested and charged with murder held on a $1 million bond.

The Ashland County prosecutor has identified the second woman as 29-year-old Elizabeth Griffith, of Ashland.

Shawn Grate, 40, faces two counts of murder in the deaths of Griffith and 43-year-old Stacey Stanley. Their bodies were found Tuesday inside a supposedly unoccupied home in Ashland after a third woman called 911 from inside a bedroom and said Grate was holding her hostage.


• LOS ANGELES — A Southern California police officer gave a man less than a second to raise his hands before opening fire and killing him, a federal appeals court noted Friday in rejecting the officer’s request to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit against him.

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