100 years ago


George F. Hartje, son of former Circuit Clerk J. H. Hartje accepted a position in the law offices of Mehaffy, Reid & Mehaffy in Little Rock and will enter upon his new duties Monday. Mr. Hartje is a graduate of Hendrix College and the law department of the University of Virginia and his many friends are predicting for him a successful career in his profession.

75 years ago


Speaking for the Perpetual Care Association, which has the care of Oak Grove cemetery, Mrs. E. A. Bolton said funds were direly needed at once, in order that the grounds of the cemetery may be given a final cleaning for the autumn. Owners of lots in the cemetery were urged to pay dues immediately to Leslie P. Crafton, treasurer, in order that the work may be done.

50 years ago


The summer issue of Faulkner Facts and Fiddlings, containing 48 pages and 17 illustrations, is being disturbed this week. The magazine, edited by Joe C. Shaw, is published quarterly by the Faulkner County Historical Society. "Restoration of the Greathouse Home," by Guy W. Murphy, tells the history of the old house, traces the Groethausen (later Greathouse) family in America, and describes the work necessary in reconstruction the house at its new location on the Faulkner County courthouse lawn. A number of photographs illustrate steps in moving and rebuilding the house and its dedication June 26.

25 years ago


First Community Bank of Conway got off to a busy start yesterday, the first day of business for the first commercial bank to open in Conway in 45 years. Bank employees were opening accounts for the bank and closing accounts for former customers of First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Paragould, which had been in the Front and North street location but was closed by the Resolution Trust Corp. Bank President Mark McCain said the first day :went very well" and the number of customers met the bank’s expectations. He said there was a mixture of new customers and First Federal customer’s conducting business with the bank.

10 years ago


It’s back. The Schaefers’ Corn Maze is opened for business on Saturday at the end of Lollie Rd. in Mayflower. This is the second year for the Schaefers family farm to create a maze. The winding paths through the corn create pictures that are only visible from an aircraft. This year’s maze depicts a side-wheel river boat.