The well-known Christmas light display on Tony Circle in Conway will not be there this year. The family has moved but promised to keep its Greenbrier performance.

Tony Brighter and his wife moved from Tony Circle to Florida for "health-related reasons."

"Our decision to move was a very difficult one, and we even considered changing our mind when we started reading some of the wonderful comments," Tony said. "However, the move is for health-related reasons that I prefer not to discuss in detail. What I can say is that the last couple of years, it had become more difficult to get everything up on time and then depending on the weather, there were nights that we didn’t even go out to greet visitors."

Brighter said he would miss the Conway passersby.

"We actually searched for and found a home that is in a gated community just so I wouldn’t be tempted to start up a show again. Now don’t get me wrong, we love Christmas so there is no way we would stop decorating completely. We plan on putting up lights and being just another average home with Christmas lights."

Tony said his Florida home would feature "blinking lights" but nothing that would compare to the drive synced with music on Tony Circle.

He said he would keep in touch with Conway via Facebook.

"The nine years we ran the light show blessed us with many memories that we will never forget," he said.

Brighter said his daughter would continue a scaled-down version of the Tony Circle performance in Greenbrier after he moves away.

The couple handed out more than 144,000 candy canes at their Conway home during their nine-year tradition.

In that time, they witnessed two marriage proposals and provided a "safe haven" for children seeking treatment at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

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